Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gatecrashing goats and gewgaws galore

I hate when I can't find things, but I love when I find something I've forgotten.

My innate eccentricity bit me in the ass today when I needed to find a pair of tiny, sparkly pink baby shoes and a photograph of myself in rabbit ears sitting on a bull.

I found the shoes. The photo's still on the lam.

But I found loads of stuff I'd totally forgotten.

If you're nosy and enjoy looking at other people's private junk, you're gonna love this post.

If you're Dr. Krog, you're going to be very bored.

First up was that awesome deer skull above, which I found while trail riding. I tied it to my saddle and listened to the teeth rattle while I galloped.

Then there was this.

The pirate Lego people I used to keep on my desk at work. When I was angry, I imagined the shark was eating people.

And then I unearthed this box of trinkets.

The Tick, a masked goat, the Barbie that was in my Pampered Chef bridal party cake, and a buttload of mint condition Beanie Babies that my ex's mom gave me. They're each worth about $2.99 on Ebay, so that was a sound investment.

And I used to collect four-leaf clovers in a Celestial Seasonings tin.

And then there's my old pocketwatch collection.

Yes, I collected pocketwatches.

Shut up.

And although I have, like, ten more photos, I imagine you're starting to scroll through or get bored or something, because these are just pictures of a bunch of old crap.

That's okay. It's just my heart you're stomping on. Stomp stomp.

So the last thing I'll show you is my correspondence box. If you've ever sent me a letter, it's probably still in there.

In that very picture, you can see a postcard from the family I stayed with in Toulouse in 1995, a letter from my high school pen pal in Kuala Lumpur who used! a lot! of exclamation points!, one of the letters of the dude who broke my heart in high school, and the birthday card that the guy who raped me gave me on our homecoming date.

I stopped saving so much stuff in about 2000, when I got back together with Dr. Krog and decided that I didn't need to be so melancholy all the damn time.

But some things are worth saving, and everything in the pictures has a story.

Except the masked goat. I have no earthly idea why that guy's in there.

Stupid gatecrashing goat.


Tanya said...

I love your posts, I do. But every time I want to comment, I have to fight the urge to VB quote! >< I'm not going to do it this time.

Must . . . prove . . . not . . . spaz

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

One day you'll get your wings, Speedy. One day.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Wow, these are way better than my boxed up collection of William Shatner memorabilia. (Except for my autographed copy of his album. That's gold.) I've never found a 4 leaf clover in my life. But I do own a moose antler.

Julie said...

Strange I have each of those items in my house

except for the goat.