Monday, August 30, 2010

four for fore!

Friday was the party. See above.

Saturday was the big day. She turned four.

Sunday was an hour of attempting to use her new inline roller skates, followed by a hot fudge sundae to erase the bruises.

She's going to have memories now, which just freaks me out.

But I love her nimble, joy-filled way of moving through life.

We made Yoda ears as party favors, and I painted faces. She wanted her face painted like a cat. So there she is, happy as a clam with Yoda ears and a cat face.

Four years ago, they were finally unhooking me from the various machines that kept me alive and sane while the Biscuit was from my womb untimely ripp'd, as Shakespeare put it. They didn't know I'd sneaked an entire box of cookies. They thought I was going to be all excited about eating some eggs after two days of soup.


I have a four year old.

I'm a little wigged.


Virginia Valerie said...

Love the pics. Hi Cutie Biscuit! She's getting so big so fast! Congrats on her fabulousness!

Ericka said...

She is so cute. I think you guys may have stumbled upon the next hit sci-fi alien-pet hybrid craze.

jarvenpa said...

Good thought, Ericka, if Dee can clone little Biscuit-yoda-cats.

Four is an awesome age.

I should have remembered you are a sister Libra, but I was all "oh, birthday, yay".
(and not to scare you, but my memories and those of my children extend back in some cases to around 2 years old).