Tuesday, August 24, 2010

all play and no work makes me an expired egg

I'm pretty sure I expire at 5:34 every night.

I'm thinking of having it tattooed on my arm.

The kids don't go to sleep until 6:45 or so. See the problem?

Tonight, I handed the Biscuit my new camera and let her play. t.rex joined in.

From what I've seen of the modern art scene, with an investment of about $900 in frames and mats, she could sell out a show downtown.

Oh, and...


James Garcia Jr said...

Ha! I remember those days. Mine are 16 and 12 now. Eventually they discontinue crawling all over you and plug into their gizmos. It's good on one level, but not so good on another. Enjoy it while it lasts.
-James, new Twitter and blog follower. Nice to meet you by the way.


Alice Istanbul said...

I think your child is destined for greatness. At 4 she's a better photographer than most people 9 times her age. Imagine what she can do when she's ready for her first DSLR.

Anonymous said...

6:45 bedtime? I'm lucky if I get mine to shut their eyes before 9. They're both night owls and still wake up early.