Thursday, July 15, 2010

we are now official Schwabians, right?

It's 1:17am. We just got in from the bar. I leave at 4am. As much as I loveloveLOVE/missmissMISS my family, I'm sad to leave. This town is amazing, as are the phenomenal women with whom I've been picking plants, eating, pampering, eating, and making jokes about bears and peanuts.

And Weleda? I'm now a fan. I used to just pass by their products while moseying around SuperTarget and think, "I'm so glad we have more natural options in body products". I had no idea how much care and thought went into every thing they do, and now I just need to lobby for an Atlanta satellite office where I can work part-time making cappuccinos and teaching people how to paint echinacea. And the new pomegranate oil smells totally delish.

The biodynamic fields are gorgeous. We picked flowers that will go into medicinal tinctures, and we visited a field of calendula that was just harvested yesterday morning. Here's what's left of it:

Seriously. I ate a flower with crunch bugs.

It was awesome.

Also, here is another flower.

There are loads of bees in the garden-- you can hear them humming everywhere. And they have an insect hotel, too.

We did not check for vacancies.

But we did have many fine drinks.

Last but not least, I leave you with the sort of marvelous moment that makes such trips unforgettable. We're touring this incredible medieval town, learning secrets and seeing stained glass by Albrecht Durer and asking about After Eight gelato, and then we see this thing. It's like this awful, hunched over, homeless woman who looks like something out of The Dark Crystal. And we all falter a second.

Then we realize it's a gorgeous sculpture of a homeless hedgehog. With velcro soccer shoes. So, naturally, we took a group picture.

Shortly after this, we all stopped to marvel at the Big Dipper, and then Carrie jumped out from behind a sandwich board and I screamed and nearly peed myself. But we don't have pics of that, and I'm not going to admit it again, so don't ask.

More pics later. More fun later. For now, I'm running out of energy and just might grab two hours of sleep before Herr Ott comes to drive me away.

p.s. I love my life.


Virginia Valerie said...

aw, this looks like such a great trip. When i see you in that field, I think of Maria von Trapp! Glad you had a great time. Also, LOVE the pink dress!

Mom101 said...

So excited you got to have such an amazing opportunity. Bring us back some Skin Food, will ya?

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

So it turns out that by the time I got back to my hotel room at 1am, the hotel receptionist was long gone, so I couldn't get a wake-up call for 3. Instead, I pulled an all-nighter and just blogged and tweeted until the car came at 4. So from 4 to 12, I was stuck in airports or small planes and couldn't sleep. The official count was 28 hours straight with no sleep.


But I'm mostly better now.


Carrie said...

Hi Delilah,

OMG! I can't believe you had to stay up all night to catch your flight! I guess we learned that you can't depend on wake-up calls and air conditioning at German hotels, but you can expect friendly people, beautiful forests and good beer. Had a great time with you in Schwabisch, and I'm so glad we were able to bond over biodynamic calendula flowers (with bugs) and Weleda skin care products. Thanks so much for coming with us on this journey. It was fantastic getting to know you!


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Carrie, it's all an adventure. I had an amazing time! And my skin looks unbelievable after 3 days on the Weleda regimen recommended by Lillith. Felt bad leaving my hotel key on the front desk when they specifically and Germanically asked me not to, but I hope it all turned out well. How was your return trip?

J said...

Love it!!! You are truly an adventurist and an inspiration to all moms, women and culinary artists. Really--who's brave enough to crunch on bug-imbued biodynamic calendula? (Other than me, of course :-)).

Thank you for exploring S.Gmuend and the beauty of Weleda with us. I hope you never forget your experience and our time together, as I know we never will!

Prost from Schwabisch Gmuend,