Friday, July 23, 2010

us vs. the death star

Have you ever wondered what really happened to the Death Star?

I mean, you don't seriously believe that a whiny moisture farm boy accustomed to psychopathically lasering womprats just zoomed in with his gun going bew-bew-bew and destroyed the entire thing in, like, 5 seconds using "the Force"?

No way.

Here's what really happened.

First, the Biscuit tried. Then a bunch of other kids tried.

Then I beat the sh*t out of the Death Star with a broom handle.

Honest. That's me taking down the Death Star.

And... um... I guess that's a mosquito zapper in the background. To get rid of space bugs.

Special thanks to Jenny for having us over to play Smack the Pinata today. I can honestly say that Jenny made the best Death Star pinata I've ever seen.


K A B L O O E Y said...

You know, I was actually kind of tickled to see you taking a whack at the death star, because at every, and I mean EVERY kids' party with pinata (um, how to do that squiggly en-yay thing? beats me) that I've ever been to, a beefy dad was made to step up after the kids all failed to crack open pinata skull and spill candy brains. Good to see a woman take a crack.

Virginia Valerie said...

You know, the most surprising thing about this post (and I do have to give props to the awesome death star pinata - hello, creativity!) is that the Biscuit is getting so dang BIG!! OMG, look at that tall girl!