Monday, July 12, 2010

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, etc.

So in my younger days, I was quite the globetrotter. I spent a summer in France, a few wintery weeks in Italy, a bright blue July in Greece. But since then, my international travels have included Cancun and Grand Cayman, two places known mostly as meccas of drunken partying. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

But tomorrow? I'm totally going to GERMANY.

Why? Because I'M A SPY.

Just kidding. As an Associate Editor of Cool Mom Picks, I've been invited on a press tour of Weleda's biodynamic farm and headquarters in Shwabisch Gmund.

Pretty much everything I know about Germany came from The Sound of Music, so I've been cutting up my curtains to make leiderhosen and practicing my singing. Okay, we all know those are lies, because I really stink at both of 'em. I've actually been learning how to use the new camera Dr. Krog bought for me and trying to get all my ducks in a row on the home front. What does that mean? Writing, editing, cleaning, getting new media on my old iPod, Gwar, and pulling that weird muscle/tendon that runs from the back of my shoulder to my neck to my elbow.

I plan on blogging and Tweeting while I'm out and sharing pics of my journey-- that is, when I'm not reading Catching Fire (YA by Suzanne Collins) and Linger (YA by Maggie Stiefvater) on my Nook. I've seriously been saving both books for this trip. One of the great things about the Nook is that you can read guilty pleasure books and nobody knows.

If they ask, I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love.

Just kidding. But seriously, the trailer for that movie? Wow. Julia Roberts = so much no, unless we're talking Pretty Woman 2: Whore With a Heart of Gold and Teeth the Size of Rhode Island, Venereal Bugaloo.

In other movie news, I can't wait to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Wacky, weird, and involves Jason Schwartzman as Evil Ex #1. I hope Michael Cera doesn't pull a Jack Black and just play increasingly awkward versions of himself until he's a walking cardboard cut-out.

Let's see. Other tidbits.

1. Writing. I've realized that characters are the biggest weakness of my books, so I'm working on deepening and broadening my main characters. For the latest work, codename: Psych, I finally found the right soundtrack, which is based on the Brand New station on Lots of Blink 182 there. Good times.

2. Parenting. I read this amazing article in the NY Times and felt immediately better. The way I feel? Pretty normal. Apparently, we're not wired to take 100% total joy in every second of interaction with our children. Feel like I dodged a bullet, there.

3. Movies. We saw Predators, and it was awesome. We thought it had been directed by Robert Rodriguez, which is always a good sign, but he was actually the producer. I liked almost everything about it-- except for Adrien Brody. He's one of those actors for whom I just can't separate roles and reality. So instead of thinking, "Man, that nameless assassin is tough," I thought, "Man, Adrien Brody sure has a big, weird nose. But he's buff. Way to go, Adrien Brody!" Anyway, it's a nice, old-fashioned, creepy monster movie. Very nice building of tension that you don't see very often in today's "Vin Diesel Blows Crap Up" movie world.

And now I have to go... um... do stuff.

Also, I hate fruit flies.

How are you?


Spotted Sparrow said...

Yay! Have fun in this crazy country of beer and sausage. Resist the urge to sing 'Springtime for Hitler in Germany'. For some reason, the Germans don't get it... :D

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Have a blast and drink good beer!

Eoywin said...

Have fun!

And I'm jealous - I've always wanted to go to Germany.

EttyOop said...

Ok, a) Have an amazing time! Wow... Germany!! Very cool....

b) You = awesome. I just had to say that. Your blog makes me laugh and cry and say "YES!!" every time i read it. which, with three kids and a messy messy house, is not nearly often enough. But anyway, thanks! :-D

stephanie constantin said...

Have a great time!! I'm so jealous...I had my first 24 hours sans kids in 4.5 years and it was awesome...I can't imagine how days would feel! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful. Enjoy yourself, Miss. Take some pictures and visit Durmstrang for us, eh?

Virginia Valerie said...

Good! Thanks for asking. Viel Spass in D-land! They will love you for your directness and lack of white socks.

Go ahead and EAT while you're there. You can always work it off later. I mean, when are you going to get real German food again, unless you come and visit me, and I think we both get to Germany more often than we see each other. :-)

Delilah S. Dawson said...

If they have duck with spaetzle, I'm all over it. Mmmm.

jarvenpa said...

Oh, have fun! I look forward to vicarious thrills.

urfaqhesse said...

yer friggin awesome

Anonymous said...

Also, you write like James Joyce.

You know, according to this anonymous blog. Enjoy Germany! Take lots of pictures.