Sunday, July 18, 2010

now for something completely different

No snark. No self-deprecating humor.

Just pretty pictures from Germany.

You know-- like art, or whatever.

I give you art.


Okay, one little anecdote.

One of my lovely traveling companions needed to powder her nose. So she asked our waitress, who spoke English, "Where's the restroom?"

The waitress escorted her to a door, opened it, and smiled politely while my traveling companion stared in confusion at a dark room. Then she realized that there was a language barrier.

Our hostess had just provided a room in which she could rest. A nice, dark room. For all those times during dinner when you need to rest.

Then it was realized that "restroom" is the polite American term for "toilet". They got it all figured out, in the end.

In case you're ever in Germany and need to powder your own nose, I recommend requesting the "toiletten", and if you're a girl, make sure you go into the one for "Damen".

We learned that lesson the hard way, too. Only Herren need urinals.


Some Kind Of Funky! said...

Stopping by to say Hi! The pictures are beautiful!!

Caroline D. said...

oooh, pretty! your new camera seems to take nice pictures!

Virginia Valerie said...

So nice of them to have a room where she could rest!

PS cool pics! your new camera rocks!

Alice Istanbul said...

oh my gosh, POPPIES! and striped kitties :) You've made my morning.