Tuesday, July 13, 2010

last minute freak-out

You know, I almost enjoy the Last Minute Freak-Out.

That's where you're getting ready to go on a big trip, and you suddenly realize all the little things you've omitted from your careful planning. And all the things that could go wrong.

Here's my to-do list:
* visit my grandmother before she goes to the doctor for her eyeball shot
* go to the store to buy travel food (ie. POP TARTS), organic hot dogs, and apples
* finish last night's last minute pedicure
* purchase Drammamine
* juice up the Nook, the cell, and the iPod (ie. FIND WIRE THINGIES)
* clean the house so that sitters will think, "My, she's tidy".
* purchase paper plates so Dr. Krog won't have to attempt dishes or fight the Great Fruit Fly Epidemic of '10
* clean the food dehydrator so the house won't smell of latent jerky
* make a list of VERBOTEN thingies for the babysitter, including juice boxes, fruit bars, playing with my books, going in my room, and going outside at 2pm barefoot in a diaper. Thanks to our neighbors' untreated-for-3-years-pool-cum-swamp, poor t.rex has so many mosquito bites that his head looks like a Bumbleball.
* finally decide which shoes will be my "walking shoes" for the Weleda gardens, because I still refuse to wear tennis shoes in public
* sigh sadly that my new necklace from Etsy won't arrive today, per USPS
* attend a dinosaur party with the biggest dinosaurs, where we eat cake and cookies and ice cream at the playground with our friends at the sprinkler playgrounds (per the Biscuit)
* choose books to take along in case (NO, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!) the Nook should fail
* pack stuff
* nurse my son for the last time and wax nostalgic
* pack the stuff I forgot to pack earlier
* learn something in German besides "ich bein", "sprachen zie", "guten tag", and "wilkommen", which aren't going to help much
* briefly wish the Germans had the good sense to speak French or Italian so I could actually converse and help to change someone's mind about the horrid ignorance of Americans
* figure out whether this PDF is my actual ticket, or if I need to go to a machine or speak to someone from Lufthansa, because I feel like an idiot.
* take a limo to the airport and ride in business class while sipping champagne, eating truffles, and reading a book in blissful silence.

Oh, and shower. Definitely shower. Off to do that now.

Well, now-ish.


resolute twig said...

have so much fun!

dk said...

What's wrong with a latent jerky aroma? I always like that in a house! Enjoy hanging with das Germans!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Latent Jerky: that's what my band will be called in my next life when I'm a rock star. Have a great trip!