Thursday, July 15, 2010

ich bin ein Schwabster!

Blogging to you live from Schwabisch Gmund, an idyllic little town of winding streets, red roofs, pretzels, and pure happiness. Here's a small hint of what the last few days have held for me:

* Watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief-- yes, the entire movie-- while waiting for my plane to take off and am wondering exactly which book it was based on, because I'm pretty sure that was not a faithful adaptation.

* Learned that Business Class international flights are the equivalent of going to a fancy hotel/spa.

* Really enjoyed my Nook while trapped in the Frankfurt and Stuttgart airports.

* Discovered that Germans are delightful and helpful, even when you admit that you can't operate a simple telephone.

* Ate blood sausage and decided that it tastes like a bacon milkshake.

* Met 8 amazing women, and we haven't stopped talking since.

* Drank approximately 10 glasses of wine, 7 bottles of delicious fizzy drinks, and 47 coffee beverages.

* Realized that life without air conditioning is reasonable but life without a fan is insufferable.

* Figured out how to open the window of my hotel room to make sleep reasonable again.

* Saw a man shaped like a capital D who was wearing culottes and a shirt that read only MOTOR OIL.

* Went for a wonderful hike through a nature preserve and pretended I was in the Twilight movies.

* Tried some cool Weleda products.

* Picked bittersweet nightshade, ate most of a calendula flower, and enjoyed the water lilies floating in a sewage pond.

* Practiced throwing sticks at other people while marrying mind and body in a eurythmy class, which has nothing to do with the Eurythmics. Believe me-- we asked.

* Made my own bath milk, which I call DELILAH'S SCHWABSOAP.

And now I have 10 minutes to get dressed for dinner and a tour. I could not be happier, unless maybe horses and birthday cake were involved. I miss my family like crazy, but as we know, I definitely live in the moment. I have missed travel, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. At 4am, I wake up to travel back home, at which point I'll upload photos and tell you the whole story, including a delightful collection of funny signs about lemurs licking their bottoms in German.

Guten tag!


Caroline D. said...

ok I wasn't jealous until you mentioned business class. and these 8 amazing women. I bet none of them can do, um, that amazingly awesome thing I can do, right? The, um, thing where I'm, um, I'm, FUCK IT I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. Enjoy your lavender and your nook and your real fork and plastic knife in business class, ok!?!?

**runs away sobbing**

urfaqhesse said...

i am so happy for you! you're a rock star <3

Miss Honeymoon said...

Haha, I'm german, and when I read the title I had to laugh :D

Motherhood Uncensored said...

My husband the pilot gets to eat the business class food and take his breaks there - and if he tells me about the steak and brownies ONE MORE TIME. I'm pretty sure there's just no other way to fly a bazillion hours on the plane...

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself, D. It sounds fabulous!

Spotted Sparrow said...

Wie schön! Can't wait for the pictures.

Katiri said...

They'll be so happy to have you home, though.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

1am and we just returned from the bar, where my amaretto sour actually had FOAM. Pics to come. 3 more hours until my car. I AM HARD CORE.

Carrie, that thing you do is BE AWESOME.

Kristen, I am having the time of my (postpartum) life. Could not ask for more! Except maybe to live here, because it is a seriously amazing town.

kristin said...

so happy your trip is going so well, so jealous! we love Weleda products, too, and I want to eat a calendula flower!! :D

safe travels, can't wait to see pix


charissimo said...

What Caroline D. said.


James said...

'Bacon milkshake' is the best description I've ever heard for blood sausage. Now I know what to say to get people to try it.

You are great and stuff, and I really love your bloggy things. Safe travels.

Mom101 said...

I can't wait to hear absolutely everything - although this alone is fabulous.

I will now go erase the bacon milkshake image from my mind and instead think about those pretzels.