Saturday, July 17, 2010

germany: part 1

1. Business class is awesome. I can't imagine how First Class could be better, unless they give you your own pony and a foot massage.

After my usual hectic life of waking up at 6, wrangling 2 children, cleaning (or not cleaning) the house, keeping up with friends and family, managing Dr. Krog, writing books, writing reviews, and writing blogs, 10 hours of forced relaxation on an overnight flight is pure bliss. I read Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, took some Drammamine and Unisom, and passed out until breakfast was served.

2. This was the lunch served on the 1 hour flight from Frankfurt to Stuttgart, which is pronounced with the same SCH sound in SCHUFFERING SCHUCCOTASH by Sylvester the cat. SCHtuttgarttttt. Like that. But spit more at the end.

1. Thought that was a little pastry, but it was clammy chicken. Ate it anyway.
2. Fur lhre Sachertwit. Or something. I think it means "this is a small bag of fur from a unique Germanic monster made of Sacher Tortes". But my German is fuzzy, by which I mean nonexistent.
3. OMG, Sprite can is so cute!
4. Salad with... um... bitter couscous on top? I don't know. I barely got to taste it, because the flight was so short that by the time I had managed to open the dressing and be very surprised by the chicken-that-wasn't-a-pastry, they were taking it away from me and telling me to put on my seatbelt. Seriously, the flight is that short.

3. I brought only one non-Nook-book along with me, Sucks To Be Me, a YA by Kimberly R. Pauley, who won my paintings in the auction for Do The Write Thing for Nashville. Then I started following her on Twitter and won BOTH her books from Novel Novice. Serendipity! Very cute books with a great voice about a girl whose parents are vampires. Note: there is no sparkling.

4. Further proof of why it totally does not suck to be me:

This care package was waiting for me in my room. I smell awesome.

5. I really love foreign signs.

Also, in typical foreign hotel fashion, the numbers were all wonky, such that the 200's were on the 4th floor and the 300's were on, like, the 18th. My floor had interesting paintings of jellyfish. I love seeing actual artwork from local galleries. Such a cool touch!

6. The crosswalk people all look like Optimus Prime.

Click on it and see. And check out the yellow sign, too, if you need more proof.

7. Last but not lease, we walked a gorgeous trail to the biodynamic farm. We saw some cool installation art that I'll talk about tomorrow, but I kept catching glances of something odd through the trees.

So that's part 1 of the Ulra-Fantastic Unruly Germany trip. Now I'm going to go try to make up for my 9 hour sleep deficit, which was only partially quelled by last night's 10 hours of drooling unconsciousness. I mean, I was, like, 20 hours behind before that. I dunno. My math skillz are broken.

I swore I wouldn't be jetlagged, but that was before I yoinked an all-nighter. I couldn't pull 'em off when I was 18, much less 32. Now hand me my Pamprin and some fuzz-covered hard candy and get out of my way. Gramma needs sleep.

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Virginia Valerie said...

Oh, ze Juh-muns. How I love thee. Can't wait to hear more :-)