Friday, June 11, 2010

@ss day

So today? I was an @ss, mostly because my kids were @sses. Dr. Krog was occasionally an @ss in response to our @ssitude. There was absolutely nothing kick@ss about it, except for some really good vegetarian General Tso's and some understanding friends.

Sorry about that.

Now that I've apologized, I would appreciate some cold dark chocolate.

That's how karma works, right?


Ericka said...

I for one did not see any asses today. I had a lovely day out with friends and 5 kids, something that is never perfect (my 3 yr old was screaming under the table for a while wasn't she) but still enjoyable. Relax, we all love you.

Grace said...

I don't even follow Twitter, and every time I see this title, I think you're addressing a post to the Secret Service. Or the Gestapo. And, once again, I question your blog's use of the word "word" as my "word" to verify seems to be "bodiseh."