Saturday, June 12, 2010

how do you solve a problem like the biscuit?

I introduced the Biscuit to The Sound of Music* this week.

Here are some excerpts:

Biscuit: What's a nun?

me: A lady who lives in a convent and is good all the time.

Biscuit: Are they real?

me: Yep.

Biscuit: Are some fat and some pointy?

me: Some are fat, thin, and in between. They're just normal people.

Biscuit: Do they sleep?

me: Yes, every night. Just like you.

Biscuit: What do they do every day?

me: They live in a convent, pray, garden, help poor people. They're just good all the time.

Biscuit: Do they do what people say?

me: They do what the Reverend Mother says.

Biscuit: Is she like their boss?

me: Yes.

Biscuit: Is Maria a Raven Mother?

me: No, she's a young nun who gets in trouble a lot.

Biscuit: Yeah, she's a naughty nun. What's their costume?

me: It's called a habit.

Biscuit: That's not a very good costume for ballet.

me: You're right. It's not. But nuns don't do ballet.

Biscuit: Then I don't wanna be a nun.

(Note: About halfway through this conversation, it occurred to me that she was confusing nuns with vampires. Must be the long, black cloak. Hope I cleared that up.)


Biscuit (singing to herself): How do you solve a Maria like the nun? How do you catch the thing and give a cloud? How do you find a word where is Maria? Allelujah! She's a clown!


Biscuit: This is my swishy dress, and this is my basket, and I'm the big girl from Sound of Music. I'm being Weasel.

me: Her name is Liesl, dude.

Biscuit: No, that's not a real name. Her name is Weasel. I'm being WEASEL.

me: Cool. Weasel, do you want some strawberries?

Biscuit: Thank you, yes.



me: Please stop shouting nonsense.

Biscuit: I'm singing. That song that the nuns sing.

me: Allelujah?

Biscuit: Yeah. Is it louder than talking?

me: Yes, it is much louder and more annoying than talking.



Can't wait to show her Oklahoma and On the Town.

*Have I ever mentioned that I was in the 8th grade musical of Sound of Music? I was Sister Bertha, the Evil Nun**. I have a picture of me playing poker in my habit, because I was one tough sister.

**Yes, they actually let me sing on stage. But that was the only time.


jarvenpa said...

I'm glad you are introducing Biscuit early to the joys of musicals.
When I was 4 I wanted to be a nun, but then my mother informed me that Lutherans didn't become nuns (which may be why I eventually left the church, come to think of it). I liked the pretty dress and the sparkly necklace.
Biscuit should know, however, that I know nuns who dance a lot. There's a monastery (and the nuns actually are monks, but don't confuse her, she'll think they eat bananas a lot) near where I live, a Cistercian order in the redwoods. And now and then they do dance. And sing. And paint very nice watercolors.

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

I have tried getting Grotbag into musicals because I love them but he wont have a bar of it!! Channel V is about as far as I get with Music. He wants to be Justin Beiber. Nuf said!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the conversation posts.

Katherine Malone said...

Hahah this post just made me laugh so hard, imagining it all in that movie from a little girl's point of view!