Monday, May 17, 2010

rise of the tyrannosaur

We talk a lot about the Biscuit. What she says, what she does, what she draws. Her recitals and classes. I've got to admit: she's pretty cool.

But what about t.rex? You know-- my other kid?

He's getting bigger and more demanding, kinda like a baby rhinoceros. And he's starting to talk, which is fun. It goes like this:

trex: Mama?

me: Yes, son?

trex: Out!

me: No, honey. You can't go through the gate and into my art studio to play with the mitre saw and oil paints.

trex: Mama?

me: Yeah?

trex: Milk!

me: Okay, here's a sippy cup of goat milk. Please don't leave it under a chair where it will fester and stink and become a solid yogurt cube of doom.

trex: Mama? Cracker!

me: Here are some pretzels.

trex: (throws pretzels, grinds them into the floor, and laughs) More!

me: No, you can't have more. You didn't eat those. You just made my life a little harder. You're cut off. No more pretzels, ever again! Now come here and let me change your diaper.

trex: (in voice of Bruce from Family Guy) Oh nooooo!

Okay, so he's not quite as sophisticated as his sister. Still, at almost 18 months, he's a prodigy with a lightsaber, and he does a great victory dance, especially after smacking someone in the face with said lightsaber.

To continue in the dork vein:

Now if I can just get him past this super-dangerous phase when he wants to scale ladders, lick power cords, eat crayons, and wake up at 5am, I think I might return to sanity.

If that doesn't make sense, it's because I woke up at 5am and have spent the last two hours trying to keep my kid from licking a power cord and scaling the bookshelves.

An unruly job is never done. Never.

Now off to the last day of preschool. Most of the moms I know call it "bittersweet", but I'm just bitter. The Biscuit needs what preschool gives her, and I need what it gives me.

RIP, three-year-old class. We hardly knew ye.


urfaqhesse said...

I dig him plenty. Mostly, he's just the embodiemtn of drool and cuteness, but I can see the genius in those eyes.

urfaqhesse said...

ok, spell check - embodiment

Jewels said...

ROTF. Don't worry. With the end of the 3-year old class you come closer and closer to the day when they will spend the ENTIRE DAY at school. Rejoice. Sanity is coming.

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delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Teacher called the Biscuit by the wrong name today. On the last day of school.



But, yeah. As much as I want to cherisheverysecond, I can't wait for full day schooling. That's gonna rock.

stephanie constantin said...

which teacher??! That's so sad :( Poor Cleo! Caiden likes eating plugs and wires too...what's up with that? I cannot believe preschool is over...I soooooo did not want to leave today!

Anonymous said...

My 18 month old isn't talking at all. Well, she talks, but not using actual real words. It's coming though. Any day now...

Alice Istanbul said...

Ahhhh, I'm so with you on the last day of preschool thing. Now that I'm neither a student nor a teacher, I really wish school went year-round ;)