Monday, May 17, 2010

reader, i married him and blogged for him

If you like books, especially of the science fiction or fantasy bent, be sure to check out Dr. Krog's new blog, aptly titled Dr. Krog's Read Along Blog.

My totally awesome husband is reviewing books from the viewpoint of a writer looking to improve their craft. One of my favorite teachers once said that in any work of art, you can find at least two square inches that you like. Books are the same way-- whether you like 'em or not, there's always some little tidbit to squirrel away for later.

Anyway, I did a guest post today, reviewing Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. This book sucked the literary breath out of me, and I was entirely consumed until the very last page.

If you're feeling neighborly or writerly, check it out and give the Krog a follow.

Oh, and the real post is below, but Dr. Krog doesn't like it when I rant or complain and says you guys don't like it either.



stephanie constantin said...

posted it on my little bro's facebook page..he and his friends read those types of books :) Good luck Dr. Krog!

jarvenpa said...

Dr. Krog, charming and witty as he is, doesn't understand that your readers love you went you rant or when you do anything. We just sit here with our mouths open. Except of course the intelligent ones of us, who remember that flies go into open mouths cause our moms told us that.

jarvenpa said...

um, that's "when you rant".
It is late. Grammar and spelling are the first to go to bed in my world.

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Grace said...

I absolutely adore Scott Westerfeld. I haven't read the second book set in the Peeps universe, but I absolutely devoured the Uglies trilogy and the fourth book (also in the same universe) called Extras.

Hey, there's a thing down here called "word verification" and I was just wondering... is xylig a word? My Firefox spell-checker doesn't seem to think so.