Thursday, May 20, 2010

97 putrid ducklings

I read somewhere that the best way to catch a blink by the Google web crawlers is to craft blog titles involving a number, an adjective, and a noun. So there's my experiment.

Please don't actually expect putrid ducklings.

But you can expect lots of this:

Look, guys! She got my eyebrows!

And exciting updates on our life, including happy assurances that our dryer and vacuum are now working again, thanks to our dear friend and handyman, Mr. Brad. He also put that pesky thingamajigger on my saw and even... I don't know... aimed it? It won't cut all cattywampus now, which will be good. And the new laptop cord arrived today, too.

And you can expect more pictures of my child pretending to be a constipated mime, because everybody loves those.

And here's a blurry photo of the Loch Ness Monster.

My little Nessie is the one on the left. Please don't mention the fact that she has four legs. She finds it so embarrassing.

But boy, can she dance!


And now, if you'll excuse me and avoid mentioning the shoddy nature of this blog post, I have to go decide whether or not to watch Time Traveler's Wife, which arrived today from Netflix. Loved the book, not so sure how I feel about Regina King and Jugears McHector messing it all up in my mind.

Or I could go write.

Yeah. I'm gonna go write. And paint. And juggle ducklings.


Alissa said...

I've heard that the movie is not so good, so writing sound like a much better plan.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

That's what Twitter is telling me. Lots of OH GOD NO DON'T WATCH IT!

Why was it even on my Netflix queue?

Somehow, when I'm reading the book, I tend to forget he's doomed. I'm guessing the movie won't be so simple.

Jewels said...

I didn't read the book until AFTER I watched the movie, which worked out in my favour. I suspect you will find the movie a sad, pale reflection of the book.... as most books based on movies are!

Jewels said...

Errr... I need an editor. sigh. The last line SHOULD read, as most movies based on books are!

charissimo said...

Book: ass-kicking. Movie: ass-biting.

stinestrain said...

so brad was not eaten by swamp creatures or anything? how odd that he totally disappeared from me...