Saturday, April 3, 2010

that thing with eggs.

This is very odd.

Blogger won't let me delete or move the photos, so they're all in the wrong order, and I'm so tired and sweaty that I'm not making any sense. So I'm just going to intersperse some completely random thoughts in between these images of my kids dyeing Easter eggs.

Yeah. That's the ticket.

I don't usually like mustard, except at Roly Poly.

Sometimes, when Dr. Krog is asleep and I have insomnia, I watch Mean Girls.
I never make it past the part where LiLo goes evil.
When he's out of town, I watch Twilight.
I always fall asleep before Bella and Edward get together.
When it's after 4am, I watch Blazing Saddles.
I rarely get past the train thingy in the quicksand.

One time, in 8th grade, I was staying after school to work on something for French Club, because I'm a total dork, and I caught my teacher using a paper towel to swipe out her underarms.

Which wasn't so horrible, until she huffed it.

Whenever I see a portable classroom,
I shiver a little, remembering that day.

Near Greenville, SC, there's this fabulous place where you go and ride hollowed-out school buses out into a field full of giraffes and zebras and wildebai, and you feed them stale bread from a plastic tub. It's so redneck, but so wonderful.

So that was an interesting post, right?

I need to go to sleep.

Happy Easter, people. We're going to celebrate with a vegetarian brunch at our friends' house. I'm making vegan cupcakes and my famous crispy tofu. And then we'll go to my parents' house and feed Dr. Krog some steak to make up for all the earlier veggie hijinx.

And now my favorite part: secretly stuffing the Easter baskets.

Hop. Hop. Hop.