Monday, April 26, 2010

a parking lot of dreams

"I saw something today," my dad said, his eyes all shifty-like. "You won't like it."

"Try me," I said.

"It's the C-I-R-C-U-S," he said. "In the parking lot in front of my gym."

"Why wouldn't I like it?"

"Because you're all fancy, and your children only enjoy highbrow pursuits, like cricket and calligraphy."

Okay, that's not quite what he said. But it's close.

He was wrong, though. We love a good parking lot carnival. So we met my folks there yesterday and had an extremely enjoyable time.

t.rex and I rode this one, too. We were in the elephant behind the dragon. We were held in by a bungee cord, and the animals no longer go up and down. At least that meant nothing horrible happened when t.rex grabbed the joystick and yanked.

There he is with his grandpa, Big Ben. We tried to give the boy a mohawk, but it just looked like a mullet, so we buzzed him. He looks sharp. And he feels like a baby duck.

There's Dr. Krog, with the Biscuit by his side. You didn't think he rode this one alone, did you? He's not a clown or a Shriner, you know.

Boy, did she love riding the Bitty Bug ride. It lasted approximately 17 minutes. So long that the kids actually started to get bored, and the parents started to wonder if we would get our kids back before Christmas. We really got our (read: grandpa's) money's worth for that one.

Thanks, Big Ben!

Doesn't she look just like a squid in this one? With, like, tentacles?

Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

In any case, the entire family had a great time. Thanks, Nina and Big Ben, for a wonderful trip to the parking lot circus. We've been talking about it all day.

As in, "Can we go to the circus again? Can we go now? Can I have another turtle? What was that thing I rode? Can I do that again? I went up so, SO high! And there was a car. And a bug thingy. And a coffee cup. Remember the bug thingy? Can I go to the circus now?"

Like that. But times 10.


Mrs. Beer said...

cricket and calligraphy. Bahahaha.

Alissa said...

Looks like a fun time.

I've never really been good with rides, and remember being on one of those swings that go in circles rides while the operator was eating his lunch. Didn't think that thing was ever going to stop, and somehow I managed to not lose my own lunch, but haven't been on a swings that go in circles (I do believe this is the technical name) since.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Alissa, there used to be one of those at Six Flags called the Highland Swings, and I just got that it was a play on Highland Fling. I miss those things!

But I like going in circles really fast. But it makes Dr. Krog barf.