Monday, April 12, 2010

letters from the vegan trenches

It's been... what? A month of lackadaisical, part-time vegan city?

Here's the tally.

Pounds lost: 10

Skin: Glowing. Less acne. Keratosis pilaris gone.

Jeans: In the skinniest ones. Need new ones.

Appetite: Reasonable. I no longer spend all day craving sugary crap. But I do crave those gigantic white beans in sauce from Trader Joe's.

Digestion: HOLY CRAP AWESOME. But seriously. The weirdo stomach problems that have plagued me my entire life are GONE.

Allergies: Nonexistent, even though it's the worst allergy season in Georgia ever recorded. Is it because of eating vegan, possibly reducing my body's overall inflammation response? Or is it the 2T local honey + 1t cinnamon trick my grandfather passed on? I have no idea, but I'm not going to change a thing or complain.

Groceries: Maybe a little more expensive, only because I buy different things for Dr. Krog, the munchkins, and myself. Those Morningstar Farms Faux Buffalo Chicken Wings ain't gonna buy themselves. And we're also eating loads of fruit right now, which is pricey.

I'm also buying more Schick Intuition razors, because I feel so good about my body that I'm wearing more skirts and capris. Those things are, like, $3 a piece, but totally worth it.

Productivity: So high. Energy and creativity are good.

Overall: I feel clean, unencumbered, and awesome. I'm one pound away from my prepregnancy weight-- with the Biscuit, in 2005.

Thus far, I seem to have one "cheat" day a week, which has ranged from allowing myself brie on my French Twist at Roly Poly and half a cupcake to a complete smorgasborg of medium rare cheeburger at The Counter.

I can't believe it's working. I feel like I'm getting away with something. I hope it stays this easy.

Viva la part-time veganism!


Peggy Sue Brister said...

I am vegetarian. I have been for 13 years. I went vegetarian to lose weight and did. I went from 225 pounds down to 120 pounds in about 16 months (13 yrs ago) I weigh 140 now. I gave up meat, bread, eggs, milk, pasta and everything carbonated. I never did go full vegan because I can't seem to give up my cheese. I don't use real butter, I use margarine so the only dairy I eat is cheese, but I eat it every day. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I take dozens of dietary suppliments every day to keep good health and a good immune system, so my only vice, my only evil is my cheese. And I eat it every day! I admire ppl who can go full vegan and never look back.

urfaqhesse said...


From Tracie said...

I am so impressed....I really should do this too. Especially since I have strange digestive issues...if going part time vegan would stop that, it would be totally worth it!

Alissa said...

That's great. I'm vegetarian and too in love with milk and cheese to make the switch to vegan. I still don't feel like I eat totally healthy. Okay, I know I don't eat totally healthy, but on the days when I eat healthier, I do feel better. I really wish I had a Trader Joe's that was closer to me.

E-ZuDiN said...

hey there, hope its working too

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

So I deleted that asshat comment about BUY GUCCI SHOES BUY THEM NOW IT'S A SCAM BUT BUY BUY GUCCI BUY!

If any of my readers actually want to buy Gucci, I would suggest going to, where things are made of actual gucces. You don't want fake gucce leather in your closet. It smells like monkey vomit and sewer hairballs.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wow, that is great! I've toyed with veganism often, but the whole "egg" thing pulls me back in every time. I've actually slacked on the vegetarian thing too a bit more lately, but I can tell my digestion is all screwed up again, so I need to get more vigilant. I sweat that sausage and bacon is my downfall. Pathetic.

Going to suck down local honey/cinnamon thingy---if I'm not supposed to eat it, but supposed to slather it on my face or something, could you let me know?

Delilah S. Dawson said...

FOM, dahling, my 82 year old grandfather swears that 2T honey and 1t cinnamon taken in any form daily will help you live to 200 with the power of Samson.

He also believes that my legal name is Sugarfoot and that gold is worth $40,000 an ounce, but I think he may be onto something with the honey. I take it hot, in tea.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I was a vegan for MANY years - grew up with a lot of issues with dairy - and felt the best I ever had ever when I was.

I blame living in Mississippi for changing me back.

bibliophiliac said...

I'm so proud of you!

Alice Istanbul said...

You're looking amazing, let me just say. Keep it up, Delilah! I wish I had your willpower.

diana said...

Tell me more about those white beans at Trader Joe's, please. I love beans and I love Trader Joe's. I, too, will try Gramps' honey and cinammon trick. Maybe it will give me super powers!