Sunday, April 18, 2010

in which i go manic again

Manic. Manik. Mannick?

Manic is one of those words that never looks right to me. I mean, I know it's not "manick", unless you're playing "Manick: The Gathering", in which D&D nerds overdo the Mello Yello and get all wiggy.


See the problem?

I went manic this week. Here's what I've been up to.

Gave in and bought the gorgeous black and white Liberty of London bedding at Target, along with the most luscious, crisp-but-soft white sheets. Decided that our usual painting wasn't working with the springtime feel, so took down Goodnight Horses and painted this new brushed ink 24x24. Ate an apple at the same time. Multi-tasking!

Wanted the kids to leave me alone long enough to finish said painting, so I cleaned off the back porch and brought out the sand table. Kids went crazy, got soaked, dragged sand all over the house. t.rex officially became a Georgia resident by perpetrating his first act of redneckhood-- mowing the porch topless and barefoot while turning over as much lawn furniture as possible.

But it's okay. Because I finished and hung the painting, and that's all that mattered.

Opened our outdoor grill and found a perfect little wren nest with 4 delightful little eggis. I've decided it's part of a mass conspiracy by George Foreman to make people buy his grills. Because nobody would ever nest in a Foreman Grill. Flat birdies. Very flat.

Received a very fun surprise package-- the delightful book Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib by Darren Farrell, which I won via a Twitter contest by Mr. Farrell and his literary agent, the rockin' Elana Roth. The Halloween-Cinderella-Fairy swooped in and tried to YOINK it, but I foiled her.

Take that, fairy! It's my book! I'm the big fibber!

Of course, most of my waking hours are spent chasing this little nutgoblin. Sweet bejesus, he's fast. His favorite pastimes are trying on various shoes, climbing to the top of dangerous furniture, and indulging in the following conversation 4,700 times a day.

t.rex: MAMA?

me: Yes, son?

t.rex: DEE-DOO.

me: Really? Awesome.

t.rex: MAMA!

me: Can I help you?

t.rex: DEE-DOO!

me: What is that? Doggy? Daddy? Sister? You want food? You want to get down? I know when you want crackers, baths, or balls, but outside of that, I have NO FREAKIN' IDEA WHAT DEE-DOO MEANS!

t.rex: Mama?


There's a lot going on in this one. I just finished Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, thanks to my amazing husband, who knows just the sort of book I dig. I picked up The Mysterious Benedict Society at TJ Maxxx for $4.99 and am already enthralled.

The glove means I spent most of today in the front yard, moving Fall leaves around and planting green stuff-- another of the compulsions. I lost my right glove. So I was a one-handed weeder.

The thermometer is new, after that night I spent 7 minutes trying to take a sick t.rex's temperature rectally before realizing the thermometer was broken. Oops.

The flower is from my art students, who had an amazing gallery reception next Monday. We went back today to see the show again, and I wish it could be up forever. Those girls rock.

Another compulsion. Ink and watercolor.

In any case, it's been a pretty full week. A mostly happy week. I always enjoy the manic times, when there's so much to do that I can never stop thinking and painting and doing things.

I like being me.*

*Especially when I'm listening to Shame and Scandal by Madness.**

** I like being me even more when I'm eating a cupcake while listening to ska. At least, I assume so. It's never actually happened before. But a girl can dream, right?


Ericka said...

I think I like manic people. And people who listen to Madness. And people who drink wine... Oh yeah, and people who can weather the storms of creativity and motherhood with a sense of humor and wit.

stephanie said...

I had a craptastic day and you made me laugh...thank you!!! Oh, and we're moving back home :)

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Stephanie, you mean back to SC? I know it's good for you, but we'll miss you! The Biscuit misses her friend and longs to see her at Hembree Park!

miss. chief said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I need to get that Abraham Lincoln book. Like yesterday!

Delilah S. Dawson said...

mc, it was totally awesome. I don't care for history unless it's storytelling, and this is the first time in my life that I've found Abraham Lincoln interesting. Such a brilliant concept.

Up next? Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies.

Mrs. Beer said...

True. "Manic" looks like half a word. Like it should be "manicious" or "manicality". Yup, thats why it looks weird.

stephanie said...

nope, back to GA!!! Already contact the school and Bella should be back last week in April :D Yay!

K A B L O O E Y said...

I hate it when words go all floogy on you and stop looking like actual words. Then again, sometimes I'm in the right frame of mind to appreciate how weird brains are and I enjoy the sensation. But not usually. All your art rocks. Kiddos supercute. On unrelated note, my word verification is "winds" but I don't know if it means multiple gusts or what you used to do to watches.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Awesome, Stephanie! Welcome back! We look forward to playing soon! And Biscuit will flip when she hears B will Bella will be back in class!

Alice Istanbul said...

I love your week :) That painting of the Liberty of London flowers is nuts. Nuts! You're so amazing. I wonder if I can paint the flowers of my burgundy L.o.L. bedspread...Did you paint it on canvas or wood? You'll have to give me the recipe.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Alice, I bought a 24" square canvas at Blick Studio-- they're all on 60% off sale right now. And I used India ink and a watercolor brush. You could totally do it! I looked at the bag it came in while painting it.