Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fox and chicken and other things i'm not eating

For the love of all that's holy, Blogger. Let me upload the photo of the chicken!!!

There. That's better.

I was seriously about to start Twittering about how annoying the "new" version of Blogger is, because it wanted me to import photos from Picasa, which je refuse, merci. In any case, chickity check the chickity chicken. Dr. Krog ate every bite. I was proud. And I owe it all to Aviva Goldfarb, whose recipe book I reviewed for Cool Mom Picks.

No, I didn't even taste it. Didn't even eat the crispy skin. Part of me whimpered inside.

And here's the bit about the fox. It's a sketch I did for a mural I'd love to do for a local indie bookstore called Foxtale. I walked into their kids' section, and I was overcome with a vision of paintings on the wall. Portraits, really. Like Jane Austen for the forest.

Fox in cravat. Goose in bonnet. Grandma Bear in pince nez.

I left a little album of mural photos and a card, along with the sketch, so I hope they call. And then I hope they offer to trade painting for books, because if there's one thing I always need, it's more books.

As for other things I'm not eating, the vegan thing is still going well. My favorite places to eat are Moe's (Moo Moo Mr. Cow with tofu, black beans, rice, lettuce, salsa, mushrooms, and onions, can I get a holla?) and Hot Bowl, the local "make your own stir-fry but your kids' food won't be ready until you're halfway home" place. I nosh on Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings throughout the day for protein. And I gulp vanilla almond milk at regular intervals.

Going vegan is like anything else-- once you resign yourself, it's pretty easy. Just remember to take calcium and B vitamin supplements so your hair won't fall out, mmmkay? My roommate in college, codename: The Pasty Vegan, was the poster child for vegan fearmongering. You still have to get protein, honey. And you should occasionally leave the house and get some sunlight. Life is more than a neverending pasta bowl with a side of rice milk.

That's your PSA for the day. Vegans: Please don't turn into a shelf fungus.


K A B L O O E Y said...

Love the fox in a bonnet. If she's not worth books, I don't know what is. Hope you heed your advice, because while I don't know what a shelf fungus is, (Google? A little help please?) it doesn't sound good. But it might be tasty in a stir-fry. Mmmm, crispy skin. Sorry, I know that's off-message.

Liam said...

I'm going vegetarian in May or June...maybe I'll progress to the glory that is veganism

Mrs. Beer said...

I WANT to jump on the vegan bandwagon, but that's about it. I'll live vicariously through your self control, if that's ok with you...

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Shelf fungus... it's that crusty, grayish-whitish-greenish stuff that grows out of trees. She also looked a little like a cavefish. It wasn't healthy.

She totally hated me. Probably because one day I left animal crackers strategically placed all over the room, and she didn't like the way they were staring at her. I just wanted her to know I had my own army.

Recipes said...

Sounds good for when we get a hankering for food! And yes, it's definitely healthier than take-out.

Sarahviz said...

Wellllcome to Moe's! (We're totally going there tonight for dinner. The Homewrecker will be MINE!)