Thursday, April 22, 2010

faq u?

So I'm working on my author website, which consists of agonizing over every word and obsessively checking out the links of real writers, agents, and editors on Twitter for inspiration. The biggest hindrances so far are that, a) I'm not published yet, and b) I want to walk the fine line between charmingly eccentric and cuckoo-bird while exhibiting my innate professionalism.

The result? A pretty bland website.

But I read today that I need a FAQ section, or Frequently Asked Questions. And no one has yet asked me a question, so I don't even have a Once Asked Question section.

Does anyone have any questions they'd like to ask me? Or can you tell me the websites of authors/books you admire? Or what you think would be interesting in the FAQ section of someone about whom you wanted to get all nosy-like, assuming it ain't me?

I checked out the website of YA author Scott Westerfeld, utterly rad writer of the Uglies series, and his FAQ has nearly 5000 comments. I'd be pretty happy with 5. What can I say? I like to dream small, then act really surprised later when things go well.


Anonymous said...

When did you first think about being a writer?
What was your inspiration for Scritch?
What made you decide to write for middleschoolers?
Why do you write?
How long have you been writing?
I know you are an artist...are you going to do any illustrations in your books?
When you write a book, do you have the plot and ending all thought out, or do you make it all up as you go?

stephanie constantin said...

Do you have any illustrations of your characters?
Is Scritch going to be a series?
If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?
Which authors/books inspire you?
What is your favorite book?

Anonymous said...

why u be mean muggin?

Virginia Valerie said...

Where do you get your ideas? How does your brain work? Do you instantly memorize word meanings and never have to look them up again? Did you always like reading? When you were a kid and you had to read for school, did you always do the reading? If so, did you enjoy those books? Do you have lucid dreams? Do you always remember your dreams when you wake up, or are there days where you don't remember until something triggers it? What's your best time of day to write? Do you make an outline? Is it difficult to write dialog? How many books are you writing right now? How many do you have waiting in the wings? What's your favorite color (an interesting question for a synaesthete, not just a nod to Monty Python)?

Okay imagine I copied and posted this same thing 4 more times. That counts as frequent, right?

Ericka said...

Usually FAQ are less frequently asked and more like fantasy interview questions. If you were going to be interviewed what questions would you like to be asked, what answers could you knock out of the park?

However if you are in a question answering mood...perhaps your creative mind can come up with an answer for the question my seven year old asked me recently: Who runs faster mummies or zombies?

stephanie constantin said...

What is your favorite cupcake? Do you have a favorite sentence in Scritch?

Megan said...

What do you love most about Life? How do you get into the creative groove? Do something wacky and take pictures... Why do you love your characters?

urfaqhesse said...

can i have one of your children for a little while?

no but really - how did you make them so cute?

and are they in your books in any way?

Delilah S. Dawson said...

These are great, guys! Thanks so much for helping out! I can't wait until I'm done editing Dr. Krog's book so I can go back to blogging more regularly.

Creativity and energy are such a hard wave to ride.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Okay, so I snagged the questions that seemed the most applicable and the least egotistical and added them to my writing site at

Thanks so much! I could answer questions all day. I even get excited about the census.

g said...

Hi! I don't even remember how I found your blog but I'm happy I did. I love your writing style! I'd like to know how you balance writing with mothering. Also, what was your inspiration for Scritch? Who are your favorite authors? What did you read when you were growing up?

Anonymous said...

What number am I thinking of? Would you like a duck? Will you visit us in Timbuktu?