Monday, March 29, 2010

this is why we can't have nice tie fighters.

I leave to teach one measly art class, and this is what happens.

Darth Cookius takes on Count Dooky in an epic lightsaber battle.

My living room is seriously trashed. And it wasn't like that when I left. Honest.

No, that's a lie. It was pretty messed up, but that's not what's important now.

What is important?

Good vs. evil. Dueling. In my living room.

And then Dr. Krog slapped that puppy into MS Paint and created the masterpiece you see before you, because my daughter isn't actually a Twilek, and there are no Imperial Star Destroyers in the suburbs. Although there are some pretty big Chevy Tahoes. And they can't park worth a flip. But I digress.

Thanks, Dr. Krog, for setting the kids straight while I worked.

You're an excellent Darth Mister Dr. Mom.

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