Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's not often that I get mortified, but I am recovering from the most shenanigan-filled dinner of recent history. It went like this.

me: This neighborhood Easter Party is great and all, but an unruly helpmeet cannot be sustained by a bowl of Wal*Mart pretzels. Let's go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant with our wonderful friends!

wonderful friends: We will join you for dinner because your children are so well-behaved and pleasant, and we always have such interesting conversations.

Dr. Krog: I'll go, and I'll probably end up paying, but it's going to take a really big margarita.


Mexican restaurant: We're going to seat you all scrunched up in the corner next to some old people. Even though you're 32 and attached to two children, we're going to make you run out to the car and get your ID and make your baby cry.

me: I'll have a prickly pear margarita, frozen, with salt, please. To help me relax.

Mexican restaurant: Here is your prickly pear margarita, on the rocks, with sugar.

Mobile Balloon Artist Who Wants Tips: Can I make a balloon for you, little girl?

me: We can't, honey, because mommy and daddy don't believe in carrying cash money, because we are super-intelligent cyborgs.

Biscuit: I want a balloon cat, and he's red, and his name is Lucifer.

Mobile Balloon Artist Who Listens to Children Instead of Adults: Voila! A balloon cat!

me: Do you have change for my emergency $10 bill, because this has become a social emergency?

t.rex: Instead of my usual agreeable nature and hand-over-fist snack eating, I'm going to fling my food on the ground, crumble up my tortilla chips, and shriek.

wonderful friends: We are wonderful friends, so we're just going to smile.

Mexican restaurant: This plate is hotter than the sun, so we're just going to put it here next to the baby, along with a random ceramic plate.

t. rex: Ooh! Smoke and lava! I need to touch that.



me: Argh! Need more margarita!

surrounding tables: Harumph. Glare. Harumph.

me: I wonder what that food tastes like. The food on my plate. That I am not able to eat.

t.rex: I wonder what will happen if I grab that random ceramic plate and throw it on the floor?

plate: CRASH!


Mexican restaurant: We'll clean that up for you. Don't forget to tip your server. BIG.


me: Here, t.rex. Have some of sister's magical Mexican orange juice nectar to shut your pie hole.

t.rex: No! I will fling the straw, and orange nectar will splatter the table behind us like the lifeblood of mommy's patience!

Guy in Starched White Button-Down Tuxedo Shirt at Next Table: Boy, I love my favorite white shirt. I hope nothing bad happens to my shirt.

me: I have not been this mortified since I showed my underwear to half of the Duke TIP program and all of their parents back in 7th grade.

wonderful friends: Um, so. How about that local sports team?

me: He's not usually like this, I swear. And you know it, because we spend about 20 hours with you a week, but I'm still mortified. And I suspect you won't dine in public with us until all of my children are 10 or wearing straitjackets.

Dr. Krog: Well, that was a charming dinner!

me: That must have been an awfully big margarita.

Dr. Krog, Yeah, it was! I had a lovely time!

me: Good. Keep drinking.


Wonderful Friends said...

Let's do it again next week! The big smiles all stem from the fact that we are just glad to be past that stage with ours. I remember leaving restaurants to go huddle with my child in the car because they couldn't be contained in public anymore without someone getting injured. You and your family are wonderful and we enjoyed the night out with you however topsy turvy. And the margaritas WERE good.

Some Kind of Funky said...

Wow. Have you taken a deep breathe yet? After all that, how was the food?

Delilah S. Dawson said...

The food was awesome. Vegetarian fajitas. I even got to chew it a little.

It's good to have friends. The understanding and commiseration is a major bonus.

miss. chief said...


K A B L O O E Y said...

Restaurant's fault, restaurant's fault. Lava plate, sugar on a margarita. They had it coming. And who wears a tuxedo shirt to eat Mexican food? Had. It. Coming. And any mom knows that feeling when it's your kid creating the havoc; it's like a spotlight is trained on you, and a boom mic. Thank goodness for real friends.

soultivity said...

roflol!! i just love how you say all that. makes your reading more fun lol. what an outing you had,children will be children. waiter should have known better roflol.

Sarahviz said...

I'm dying laughing right now.

urfaqhesse said...

it never happened. honest.

c h a n t i l e said...

LOLOL I'm glad we're not the only ones who have dinner outings like this!! :)

Madame Meow said...

"More Margaritas" is the way to go when dining with children.