Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fa so la ti frickin' da.

Biscuit: Mom, what's Sallysimmyslake?

me: I have no idea. What is that?

Biscuit: We sang it in Music today.

me: Can you sing it for me?

Biscuit. No. I don't know what it is. But Mama? What's a so?

me: A so? Or sewing, like with a needle and thread?

Biscuit: No, like I have a so in here. (points to chest)

me: Oh, a soul. That's what makes you *you*. What makes you special, different from everyone else in the whole world. How you feel, what you like, how helpful and sweet and generous you are.

Biscuit: Oh.

me: Did you think it was something else?

Biscuit: Is it what makes me flip?

me: Well, I guess being active and playful and enjoying gymnastics is part of who you are.

Biscuit: I think my so makes me flip. I want to flip now. Can I flip?

me: Um, sure. Go ahead and flip.

Biscuit: (dive bombs into my clean laundry, does a forward roll) Yay! My so makes me so, so flippy!

me: Dude, you just ruined my laundry.

Biscuit: Yeah, sorry. It was my so. Can I have something to eat now?


So that's my evening. t.rex has just awakened from his afternoon nap, and it's time to read a little bit of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

Stay flippy, friends.


Maggie S said...

I am gonna go get some caffeine and see if it restores my flippy.

Jennifer said...

She is so cute. And you do a great job recording y'alls conversations.

Tracie said...

Flipping is good! =)
(but maybenot when it ruins the laundry!)

La Poetic Seamstress said...

It's always good to have "so"! LOL...Kids say the funniest thing!!

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