Sunday, February 21, 2010

frigidaire + panda bear

Also, in case you're a skimmer, there's a little giveaway at the very end.

I just love looking at fridges. The interesting ones, that is.

I like to see the artwork, photos, magnets, notes, and doodads. They say so much about a family.

Our fridge says, "We like layers and layers of mementos, but we only seem to have one small picture of the second child, but he can't see that far up, anyway."

But my favorite thing about the fridge, besides the delicious Braeburn apples within, is the artwork. It's a Gallery du Biscuit.

First, there's this guy. He reminds me of a scene from Total Recall.

And in the same vein, we haz more baer.

We haz Fite Club Baer.

Fight Club. Tyler Durden. You know, when he says he wants to put a bullet in the head of every panda bear that won't f*#$ to save the species?

Surely that's what comes to mind when you see a child's innocent rendition of a panda bear.

In fact, if you removed the googly eyes, it kinda looks like a dead panda bear on its back. The nose would be the tail, and the four ovals are the feet.

No, I do not wish to take a Rorschach test and start Xanax. Thanks for asking.


Then there's this masterpiece. Reminds me a late work by Mark Rothko.

And it reminds me of another movie, of course. Everything reminds me of movies, most of which somehow involve Robert Duvall. My life isn't about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's more like Eight Steps to Robert Duvall.

But you know who has nothing whatsoever to do with Robert Duvall? This guy, a creation so completely unique, so utterly la Biscuit that I can't even bring myself to write on him.

I love you, Monster Henry.

And I love my child's playful artwork, the whimsical randomness of it all. I love a world where everything doesn't have to mean something, where little mistakes become touches of genius.

Like this.

Can anybody guess what it is?

I'll send a surprise present to a random commenter who can tell me what's in the picture.


Southern Belle Mama said...

Here's my guess...are they oreo truffles?

Love the panda bear!

Natalie said...

word they are totally oreo balls as I call them.

miss. chief said...

lumps of coal

K a b l o o e y said...

Zombie eggs. Watch out when they hatch. Maybe there's still time to fashion tiny pitchforks out of popsicle sticks? That's how we beat back our incursion. Good luck.

stephanie said...

The ugliest, most delicious Oreo truffles known to mankind. ;)

Julie said...

burned brownie bites? Perhaps just brownie bites with bad lighting.

jarvenpa said...

I think they are the scat of zombie pandas who have escaped from your refrigerator door in the night and have been upset to find you did not provide a zombie panda litter box.

Eoywin said...

It looks like hunks of poo *L*

Susie said...

hunks of some form of chocolate :)

charissimo said...

Either panda shit or your oreo truffles.

If you love Robert Duvall, you've gotta see him in Crazy Heart, sister.

Janet said...

I hesitate to guess what the brown balls are, but I LOVE the monster picture. Awesome.

bibliophiliac said...

I'll guess oreo treats since that seems to be the consensus, but that is not why I am commenting. I am so thankful for your intuitive, creative, hilarious, wonderful mind. I am a faithful reader, and this was a particularly inspiring and enjoyable post.

Wendy said...

Pumpernickel rolls gone wrong! :)

Liam said...

Well...since, like me, everyone is going with Oreo truffles (which are amazing!, I'm going to say that thy are baby avocados.

veganf said...

I'd say painted avocado pits, but since I know you don't like avocadoes, I'll say painted rocks. But maybe I'm completely wrong and a gundark took a dump in your breakfast plate.

kimberchu said...

They remind me of prunes!
Prunes or balled up brownies.

willson said...

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J.B.Sharman said...

Id say coal brickettes :)

Vera & Ezmerelda said...

i think its dried up olives.