Wednesday, January 20, 2010

postsecrets from the edge

Checking in.

Hoping you'll notice the Virgil, Collier, and Marcus Aurelius
and ignore the Scrabble Dictionary.
That boy loves the Scrabble Dictionary.

the biscuit:
Choreographing a ballet called Dances with Pigs.
The sequel is called Swine Lake.

Dr. Krog:
Recovering nicely from surgery and walking with a cane.
Pretending he's Greg House.
Teaching his son the ways of the Sith.

Writing, writing, editing, sending queries.
Stalking my own Inbox.
Neglecting my blog.
Forgetting to send out the package from that giveaway.
Drinking lots of coffee.
Getting 5 hours of sleep.
Unwisely letting my 3 year old take photos of me
before the coffee.

It's good to be busy.


RosyRevolver said...

It's a lovely world you live in. :) Thinking of you and continuing my positive thoughts and high hopes for your writing this year!!


Leslie said...

You keep writing and let the Biscuit take the pix, she does just fine. T. Rex has grown, what do you feed him?

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Leslie, he has a huge penchant for Goldfish crackers, fruit, and mama's special brew. The boy's a moose!

K a b l o o e y said...

We'll be here waiting for the posts, don't worry. And the biscuit has an interesting eye, don't you think? I like her framing. House comment cracked me up. That and the Sith. Dr. Krog looks like such a nice guy, too...

Virginia Valerie said...

On a side note, I like your teeth. The Biscuit captured them well. Also, I liked Postcards from the Edge the first time I read it so much better than the second - the first time it was mostly read aloud with me and my older sis trading off.

Caroline D. said...

wow that picture of t.rex made is so freaking adorable. He's such a cutie.