Friday, January 8, 2010

grouchy and the grimace

Yay! Time for my first walk in the snow! It's a grand adventure! In a girly parka!

Oh, this is so cool. It's all slippery and crunchy at the same time. And my giraffe boots keep me warm, even if I pulled off their antennae in the summer and now they're crippled. They're still giraffes. Snow giraffes. Brave, crunchy snow giraffes.

Yeah! I know, right? I don't know what all the old people worry about. It's snow big deal. Snot a problem. We're all bundled up. Let's go for a walk.


It's kinda slippery here. I just learned how to walk. I'm not sure how this is going to...


Why do you keep picking me up before I fall? Mom, I have to experience life. I have to grab joy by the hood of its girly parka and just smack the snowy crap out of it.

Let me go, Mom.

Let me go.

Oh, god! It burns! It's all slippery and cold! So cold! This girly jacket doesn't help at all!

It's like the earth is punishing my hands! With hot and cold and prickles!

I hate the ground now!


Thank goodness I'm inside and dry and warm. Now I can watch the new Grimace exhibit in the backyard zoo. I wonder what the Grimace is up to today, anyway?

Hello, Grimace.

What's that you say?

It's cold, the snow tastes bad, you can't make a snow angel, you're hungry, and you want to put on a leotard and watch Peter Pan?

Sounds like one helluva snow day, Grimace.

But you can come inside.

Just don't tell the Hamburglar how to unlock the door, okay?


MamaBear said...

Delilah---that was awesome..>I'm sorry little guy fell. I love reading your blog. It keeps me happy at work!

charissimo said...

HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laughing at your child's pain. And the Grimace exhibit. I feel like this day has been a grimace exhibit for me so far.

Jennifer said...

This is so cute. And I don't blame poor little T-Rex at all. Snow sucks.