Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's 01022010, which makes me very happy, because I've loved palindromes ever since I stole "Hannah is a Palindrome" from the school library in second grade.

It's not my fault. They wouldn't let me check out the "older" books, so I had to steal them. But I always returned them in pristine condition and no one was the wiser.

Remember the world before bar codes? It was a great world. A world where I stole Watership Down and read it in my closet with a flashlight against my dad's wishes.

What can I say? I was hard core.

I'd love to make an image with oodles and oodles of palindromes, from mom and dad and pop to kayak and redder, but I've got to go upstairs and make Daddy Soup.

Well, I need to go watch the Biscuit make Daddy Soup. I just sent her up to her father's relaxing bath with a big spoon, a can of beans, two potatoes, three carrots, and a mixing bowl.

It's going to be delicious.

Happy Palindrome Happy!


Anonymous said...

I used to be quite hardcore indeed .

I am Dr. Krog said...

you were really kind yesterday...well done good lady!

Megan P.I. said...

Ahhh whenever I think of palindromes I think of that story! Thank you for being the only other person to remember it.
A Happy Palindrome day to you too.

Tracie said...

I remember those days of sneaking library books that the librarian (and my parent's) didn't think I should read.

Happy belated Palindrome Day to you!