Tuesday, December 15, 2009

unruly review: buffy the vampire slayer

I guess having vampires on the brain is considered normal now, right? I mean, I have my dogeared Anne Rice and I'm the only person in the world besides Dr. Krog and Stewart Townsend's mum who saw Queen of the Damned in the theater five times.

But, for some odd reason, I'm just now getting around to watching the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was created by Firefly genius Joss Whedon.

You see, it's about this unusually pretty high school girl who kills vampires and generally runs into any supernatural nasties in the tri-state area. And she has friends who help her with the demon-smacking and praying-mantis-stabbing hijinks.

And there's a requisite eternal hottie. As of the first disc of Season 1, it's Angel, played by David Boreanaz. He's mysterious, unapproachable, moody, and dangerous-- a guy to which any high school girl can relate.

Oh so familiar, yes.

But then Angel developed a power that Edward can't obtain:

Yes, friends. Death ray nipples.

"Oh, my name's Edward, and I'm the perfect man and I'm good at everything I try and I have, like, five doctorates and can play the piano and read people's thoughts and run at superhuman speed and eat deer."

Super, but can you boil your own bathwater, Mr. Fancypants? Angel can.

I don't mean to draw so many comparisons between Twilight and Buffy, but I can't help it. The themes and images are so familiar.

But you know why?

Because vampires are a freakin' archetype, and every lonely high school girl wants to be the shiny new popular girl who nabs the perfect boy, and people adore an impossible love story and want to live forever and be super pretty and glittery. It seems familiar because it's been done 1000 times before, and we still love it.



My review of Buffy. You probably didn't want my thesis on The Vampire in Popular Literature, 1800 - 2010, Subtitle: Rock Me, Lestangedwardula.

Buffy is awesome. The effects aren't nearly as sharp as today's TV, and lots of the technology is hilariously archaic by now. The vampires look ridiculous when they're bloodlusty, instead of the usual smoldering gorgeousness we've come to expect from our teen bloodsuckers.

Exhibit A(ck):

Every aspect of Buffy is unrealistic and somewhat ridiculous. But Dr. Krog and I love it, because it's fun and can be purchased at Target in a Season 1 + Season 2 pack for $26.99, which is still less than you'd pay for the DVD of Bruno.

Thanks for the early Christmas present, mom!


Anonymous said...

I've watched through the entire series at least 3-4 times, and not because I'm a teenage girl. I'm a grown man who enjoys good writing and jiggily bits.

See you Sunday!

Trillion said...

I love Buffy and the spin off Angel. These were meant to be campy and fun. Not like Twilight at all.

Alissa said...

There's this great mash-up that I saw posted on a blog somewhere that has clips of Buffy with clips of Edward, and you can see how different Twilight would have been with a protagonist with some backbone. It's great, but I can't remember where I saw it, so I'm no help.

Jennifer said...

Buffy is my favorite series ever. EVER. And I love Angel. He is so much hotter than that guy that plays Edward. Maybe that is why I can't get into the whole Edward thing. Angel ruined me for vampires.

Caroline D. said...

I'm a huge Buffy fan. luke HUUUUUUUGE. Glad you can finally join the Buffy Squad.

Virginia Valerie said...

ZOMG love buffy, and love your review. Angel is HAWT!!! Why didn't he ever grow that goatee for the show?!?!?!? Best pic of him i've ever seen - kudos to you for finding it.

When i'm not working 13 hours a day on my temp job, I'm currently watching through season 6 again for the umpteenth time and thoroughly enjoying it as much as the first time, possibly more. Definitely has repeat value!

Anonymous said...

Yet another show I need to watch... I plan to catch up on Buffy eventually. I'm just so partial to Twilight and True Blood. I think I'm ruined.

Chantile said...

Loved Buffy... HATED Twilight. I will probably be kicked of the planet for that one, won't I?... I could barely get through the first book. I couldn't get over the "shimmering" vampires *snort*

Angel, on the other hand... oh drool.... Angel and Mick St. John...now those are vampires.

Also, Firefly kicked ass.

Lisa in Oz said...

The difference between Buffy and Twilight? Buffy was self-deprecating and clever. Twilight was emo and self-important. Buffy for the win!

Delilah S. Dawson said...

See, but the thing is... I love 'em both.