Wednesday, December 23, 2009

things that go scritch in the night

I'm looking for beta readers for my second book, working title Scritch.

It's a work of fantasy/magical realism of around 50,000 words in the genre of Middle Grade fiction, which means targeted at 8 to 12 year olds. However, I'm hoping to hit that "classic" feel of Harry Potter, The Borrowers, and the works of Roald Dahl. I like to think it's the kind of magical, timeless world that draws you in no matter your age. Dr. Krog found it intriguing, and he's very critical, so it's certainly not a story just for kids.

If you'd like to halp, here are the requirements:

* You are a quick reader who reads a lot and is familiar with similar books.

* You are willing to offer helpful criticism of any sort.

* But you're not cruel and/or soul-crushing.

* You are willing to read via a PDF file emailed to you.

* You understand that there is no compensation other than my gratitude, your name on the Acknowledgments page of the book when published, and the chance to read what I hope is a pretty entertaining book for free.

Here's the hook:

Lena Blackstone's baby brother screams all night, but no one knows why.

That is, until Lena finds a rat in his crib-- a rat that bites her with unexpected fangs. The next morning, she hears a noise in the attic and discovers a four-inch-tall teenager named Selwyn stealing socks from her dryer. He tells her two astonishing truths: tiny people live in her attic and cellar, and she herself is in mortal peril.


If you're interested, email me at delilahpaints(at)yahoo(dot)com. I'm hoping to find 3 folks I can trust who are willing to share their opinion. Also, if you know a kid in that age range who loves books, I'd love to hear their opinion, too.

Thanks in advance, dear friends! This book is better than the first one. I promise.


Stephanie Constantin said...

I'd love to read it but it would probably take a year before I could finish it at the rate I'm getting chances to read now! I'll definitely buy it once it's published though ;)

Lisa in Oz said...

Pick me! Pick me! I've emailed you!

jarvenpa said...

I'd love to read it. I'll email you.

Liam said...

Email sent as!

Virginia Valerie said...

as you know, i am slow, though I would love to read it someday when you're ready to let slowbees like me read it. On a side note, I am so glad to find out what happens to socks!

Kristi said...

Lula wants to read it! She's 8, she's a fast reader and loves fantasy books. But she's not very critical. I can guarantee that she'll like it, because she likes pretty much everything.

charissimo said...

Late to the game, but I'll do it!!