Sunday, December 27, 2009

sugarplums still dancing

Christmas was two days ago, and now you will be forced to look at photographs of my children doing jolly holiday crap.

But I'll try to make it as un-Christmasy and bizarre as possible, if that's any comfort.

Nothing about peace on earth or familial love or "we all sipped cocoa by the crackling fire and thought about our blessings". Because we didn't have a fire, and I quit making cocoa for Dr. Krog because he never eats his marshmallows and I have to dig crustymallows out of our nice mugs and it makes a huge mess.

But I digress.

Unconventional Holiday Pic #1: Girlchild loves her one-eyed vampire cat while wearing her gothy black leotard.

Unconventional Holiday Pic #2: Baby decides to leave the gift-opening extravaganza to hightail it upstairs while everyone is too overcome with Christmas spirit to notice. Oops.

Oh, you want to know more about that moose? I can't blame you.

Unconventional Holiday Pic #3: An infant's ode to Monty Python. Will he be a band or drama geek one day and fully appreciate this image? A mother can dream.

Unconventional Holiday Pic #4: She ain't *that* kind of fairy.

Unconventional Holiday Pic #5: Another movie redux. Alicia Silverstone, eat your heart out. Except you're vegan, so you won't eat that, anyway.

Yeah, I let my kid dress herself when it's not important. T-shirt under a dress with leggings and a skirt? Eh, sure.

And you want to know where *I* was during all the festivities?

Unconventional Holiday Pic #6: Early morning mommy does all the work.

Glasses, hair in a bun, pajamas, oozing wounds. I was going for hawtness.

So that was our Christmas, pretty much. It was good.

And I'll make a confession:

I already miss the All-Holiday-Music station on the radio.

I am officially OLD.


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I love the unconventional holiday pics. These are much more like the Christmases I remember.