Thursday, December 17, 2009

random picture day

Can't think. Can't blog. I'm cleaning.

I hate cleaning.

But here are some random pictures.

So enjoy that.

Images from last art show. Preggo bellies.

Teeny tiny baby t.rex. Squish. Just be lucky I didn't show you my placenta.

Is it weird to threaten to show you my placenta? I seem to do that a lot.

The Biscuit in Fall of 2008, givin' a thumb's up to cookies. Who doesn't like cookies?

Seriously, who? Because I will go to their house and beat them up with a sock full of chocolate chips.

This is a picture I drew according to what the Biscuit described. I'm not sure why Dr. Krog has a book for a head or whether that bird is throwing up or what. But when you agree to do what a toddler says, you freakin' do it.

Gah. For an "I am too busy to blog" sort of post, that took forever.

Sometimes, I'm a bit of an idiot.

Back to cleaning.


Trixie said...

cute pics! have fun cleaning, i should do the same but i'm feeling overly lazy.

RosyRevolver said...

Ah, lady. I always know where to come for a smile and a relatable post. You're the best.

Happy cleaning. C'mon over here when you're done; I have a list a mile long . . .