Monday, December 21, 2009

holiday havoc

Holidays at the Goober household include lots of leotards, dancing, footie pajamas, lightsaber battles, pancakes, oogling of the Christmas tree, early present opening, and snacking on peppermint bark.

Mine didn't turn out pretty like the pictures on the recipe website because I didn't wait until the dark chocolate was fully frozen, and it melted in with the white chocolate, so it looked more like dirty snow than the photo on the Trader Joe's box. But you know what? It's still delicious and cost 70% less to make than the boxed stuff.

Then there's our tree.

My camera can't quite capture the nighttime magic of a child-decorated tree. The Biscuit wanted EVERYTHING we had on the tree-- every bit of tinsel, beading, ornamentry. It's like a bagel with sesame, garlic, onion, cinnamon, chocolate, Walpurgisnacht, bananas, bees, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu on it. That's what I mean by "everything".

It kinda looks like the mouth of hell, though, doesn't it?

Also, did I mention that Santa is stalking my child?

First he called on the phone. It went like this:

me: WHAT?
phone: Uh... hello... this is Santa Claus calling from the North Pole.
me: I'm getting coal this year, aren't I?
phone: I'm calling for the Biscuit. (passes to Biscuit) Hello, Biscuit. What would you like for Christmas?
biscuit: A vacuum and an Ariel dress with a tail and some toys... and... (looks around the room) a couch... and a fridge....
me: Honey, you're just naming things in the house. Santa, we don't need a couch.
Santa: What would your brother like for Christmas?
biscuit: I don't know. Like, maybe, a car.
Santa: I hear you've been a very good girl.
biscuit: Yeah, kinda.

Then he wrote a letter, all the way from the North Pole!

Santa's rhyming skills are sub-par, I'm afraid to say.

And then he showed up to visit us in a fire truck. Here's the Biscuit running out to meet him:

And then she got to sit in his lap, and he gave her Princess jewelry and an Ariel Polly Pocket.


Yeah, my camera's batteries ran out the second the Biscuit sat in Santa's lap. That girl is actually the Biscuit's childhood idol, a big girl of six years. But you get the picture.

What's up next?

Pictures from our family reunion and our trip to the Nutcracker. If Captain Preparedness can remember to recharge the camera batteries, that is.


Tracie said...

I hate it when the camera batteries crap out on me right when I am getting the important shot! Annoying! It looks like Biscuit had a good time either way.

We did the Nutcracker thing last week and it was a ton of fun!

Alissa said...

So far both my niece and nephew have asked for among other things from Santa, a Christmas tree. My parents went out last weekend and got them little evergreens, that they'll be able to plant outside once the ground thaws in the spring.

Miss Dot said...

Oh camera, why do you need batteries, anyway? Can't you just run on Christmas spirit?

Virginia Valerie said...

I love the mouth of hell! And yes, I needed that extra bit of photographic help.

Christmas AND ballet all wrapped into one sugar-plummy fairy-ness? Oooh, the Biscuit will be in heaven!