Sunday, December 13, 2009

excuses, excuses

I don't wanna blog tonight because:

* The Krog ate my homework

* I wanna watch Harry Potter and Yet Another Awesome Movie

* I'm still too full from my Mexican margarita and gorge-fest celebration for reaching page 100 of the new book and my sausage fingers are too fat to type, thank you MSG

* I'm sick of talking about my personal issues with skinny jeans and boots, and now I need a coat and a scarf to go with the impossible outfit that I dream will somehow magically transform me into a sultry, 6'2'' version of early Prince-but-Amazonian beauty

* Most of the things I want to talk about right now are controversial and would spark the sort of debate that I don't enjoy

* I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and ZZZZZZZ

* I don't understand why there are only 9 entries for my awesome giveaway, which I wish to good gravy I could win myself, because I seriously long to eat instant chocolate pudding out of that little chicken cup, and I just want to say WHY, PEOPLE? WHY? DON'T YOU WANT THE CERAMIC CUTENESS? WHO'S IT GONNA HURT, TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY?

* I want to go pick up page 131 of the new book

* Are we there yet, mom?

So that's why. I hope there's not a pop quiz tomorrow.


Leslie said...

Delilah, your the bomb, always trying to make me spew my morning coffee.

Jennifer said...

I don't remember a giveaway. Did I miss something?

Ericka said...

Congrats on reaching page 100 on the new book. Every mom is entitled to a little procrastination once in a while. And my personal excuse for not entering your giveaway despite the absolute cuteness of the dishes is that I do not need to browse another toy site when I swear have finished shopping for all the kids on my list and won't be tempted to get one more thing.

Caroline D. said...

I entered, did you see I entered?

what do you want to talk about? I'm ready for some controversy.