Friday, December 18, 2009

everything's shiny, captain

Focus on the shiny, people.

The mesmerizing object in that first photo, besides the photobomb by t.rex, is a gorgeous ring by my oft-lauded friend Alice of Istanbul Designs. See, long ago, when we were but wee babes in the suburban woods, I gave Dr. Krog a promise ring on top of a ferris wheel. I mean, we were on top of the ferris wheel when I gave it to him, not that I gave him some sort of miniature ferris wheel trophy with a ring... but you know what I mean.

They were cheap, machine-made sterling bands that read "amicus et pietas", which supposedly meant "friendship and devotion", but actually means "friend and devotion", because apparently the old lady catalog was too busy writing pithy comments about cat sweatshirts to ask a high school kid to double check the Latin.

I had to cut it off Dr. Krog a few years ago after he got in a bar fight with Kimbo Slice*, and we've felt naked ever since without our Wondertwin rings. But Alice made amazingly beautiful new rings for us. Mine says "amicus . pietas . boosh", while Dr. Krog's says "amicus . pietas . kakow". Because we don't take anything seriously, not even our love.

She also made this.

It's a combination good luck/tenacity/ambition pendant. And you can't see it very well in that photo. Let's try that again.

Oh, yeah, that helped.

I do not have a future in advertising photography.

So that's what it really looks like, thanks to Alice's amazing eye and magnificent new camera. It says, "no power in the 'verse can stop me," which is something Mal said in Firefly that was taken up by Kaylee and River. I aim to get my books published and become a working writer with a whole shelf full of books, and I like a solid reminder around my neck.

It's been a shiny day. I have now shown you my special new shinies. And now I will pack my special family up in my shiny car and drive around to see shiny Christmas lights to continue the shining SHINY SHININESS.

* No, not really. Kimbo Slice was too busy berating caterpillars. Dr. Krog just did something jiu-jitsu-ey to his finger that made it swell up like a sausage. Like one of my fingers. But, as always, you should have seen the other guy.


Virginia Valerie said...

total radness on all counts including self portraiture. Also, imortalizing firefly rocks. Yay Alice!

Alissa said...

I wish you a very shiny evening!

Eoywin said...

I love that necklace. It is very shiny!

Caroline D. said...

I want that necklace!!

p.s. I've been reading some of the Babble top 50 mommy blogs and NONE of them are as good as yours. some come close, but none surpass.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Caroline, my bud Alice can make one that says anything you want. That's why she's magic.

And I could never read a "top 50" list like that, because I get so jealous that I think my head will explode. One day, I hope to outgrow that sort of jibber-jabber, but not today.

Alicia Istanbul said...

You are the hugest boost to an ego that a girl could ever imagine. I'm so thrilled that you like your new shinies.

RosyRevolver said...

Man. Watching you two in your friendship makes me really wish I had girlfriends close by.

Beautiful pieces, beautiful words.

Delilah S. Dawson said...

Come on down to Georgia, Rosy. The water's fine! And so are the BBQ, the Krispy Kremes, the Coke floats... etc.