Thursday, November 19, 2009

woman----> kitchen

I have a very peculiar relationship with my kitchen.

It's a little like that old nursery rhyme: When I'm good, I'm very very good, but when I'm bad, people fall over dead with rock-hard gnocchi lodged in their throats.


That picture up there is my current favorite lunch: firm tofu dusted with cornstarch and fried in olive oil, eaten with steamed broccoli. Doesn't make a lot of sense, really. Fried hormone blobs with healthy veggies. But I need the health of the broccoli to make me forget the nutritional fail of the tofu, which is just so deliciously crispy.

And last night, I had a venison roast in the crockpot while making roasted butternut squash gnocchi. One turned out delicious, the other looked like a dog ate a cinnamon bun and barfed it into a vat of butter. Methinks the gnocchi needed a little more flour.

In any case, I need to build a more adult kitchen. It's a shame that my bridal shower occurred 7 years before I had any idea of what I needed in a kitchen to follow the simplest of recipes. If magic kitchen elves came knocking, I would request:

1. an enameled, cast-iron Dutch oven
2. an immersion mixer
3. a plastic, easily cleaned mandoline
4. a blender with a glass thingy that things blend in
5. a food processor with "pulse", which is necessary for half the recipes in the world
6. more spatulas
7. a coffee bean grinder
8. a new Pampered Chef sideways can-opener
9. pretty canisters that sit on the counter and keep coffee fresh
10. a chef

Did I miss anything? What's your can't-do-without kitchen implement?


Alissa said...

At 33, I still haven't moved into adult kitchen world. One year my oven more or less spontaneously combusted, and I lived for years without buying a new one. It's amazing how many things one can make in a toaster oven. Of course, I was cooking for one, so that made it easier.

Leslie said...

Good SHARP knife and my Da visiting to keep it that way.

Love your post today, might even try the tofu ideal...

Jennifer said...

Hmmm. I want a lot of those things too. I like stainless steel pans because you can put them in the dishwasher, and I have this pampered chef mixing bowl that we use almost every day.

Anonymous said...

I need more pots! I have one of every standard size but I need at least two of every standard size - so often I am trying to make due because I already have a pot in use. I often buy pots for people for weddings, showers because of this!!

leigh said...

The microwave!


Eoywin said...

I'd love a lot of those things! I'm in dire need of a new spatula.

What I would like most is a bigger kitchen. Mine is woefully small :(

Anonymous said...

I will never tire of my good ol' trusty George Foreman grill! If I could only train my husband to clean it after he uses it......

Miss Dot said...

I think that last component is key to a perfect kitchen. If you get one let me know where you found it. I'm in the market for one, too.

Virginia Valerie said...

I have pretty basic stuff. My fanciest thing is a pampered chef chopper which i LOVE and use every day. I love chopping things! Also on a random note, Im glad I now have a thermometer because i've started baking bread/pizza dough, and I've killed the yeast more than once with water that was too hot.

Erin said...

I recently bought my first Dutch oven like you describe and I LOVE IT!! if you can only get one of those things, do that.

Of course, the chef would also be nice.


piecemeal people said...

My small KitchenAid (AidE?) food processor - all it does is "pulse." I don't chop onions any other way.

Oh, and my spoontula. And my Pampered Chef scraper thingy. All it does is scrape stuff off a cutting board into some other container, but I love it. It comes in handy for so many other uses.

stinestrain said...

a good chef's knife and a heavy wooden cutting board

Alicia Istanbul said...

Yes, all of the above, especially the enameled cast iron dutch oven.