Friday, November 13, 2009

unruly visual dictionary

The unruly children present:
A Visual Dictionary

Anyone who buys a used leotard for $1.50 and spins around a lot


Big Kid:
Someone who stays up late, has special treats, rides a bigger bike, jumps very high, runs so so fast, has more frequent birthdays, and doesn't have to wear pants under their dress, even on very cold days. Under further questioning, I learned that one became a big kid at 6, or possibly 9, or maybe even eleventy-nine.


1. When your kid wants to push everything pushable across the floor
2. When your other kid gets a little bossy because she hung around some four-year-olds and has to go to time out for putting her hands on her hips and sassin' you.


1. An amazing new method of transportation
2. That thing that has to do with grammar.


1. Per Joss Whedon and the Firefly 'verse, good or wonderful
2. Per my camera, today's sunset
3. Per my toddler, part of her Indian name, "Shiny Moon". Thanks, preschool, for teaching my kid about culture. Are you gonna sing "What Makes the Red Man Red?" next?


The worst thing to say if you want a decent photograph


We have no idea. It's t.rex's favorite word and seems to apply to everything from mommy to daddy to toy motorcycles with which to beat mommy and daddy.


Swine Flu:
What happened right after this picture. That swine flew across the room.


Sausage Fingers:
Fingers so fat that they require a size 9 ring.
But is that not the coolest ring EVER?? Thanks, Alicia!


And that concludes today's lesson.
Of course it's not in alphabetical order-- they're 3 and 1!
One can barely spell her name, the other just drools a lot and waves.

Don't be so pushy, Sausage Fingers. Everything's shiny.


RosyRevolver said...

Fantastic post. : )

Miss Dot said...

Hear hear, Rosy, I second that emotion. Fantastic. I daresay you should follow this up with later editions.

Tracie said...

"Shiny Moon".....that is crazy!

Leslie said...

Who knew you could get Joss Whedon and children antics in the same post and have it make sense. Love, it.

Amber Page Writes said...

Love the ring. Great dictionary...I may have to bookmark it for future reference. ;-)

Proud to be Me-a wife, a mom, a student said...

Love it!!!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Your kids are the cutest. And your fingers look slender and lovely. I think you must be wearing sausage rimmed glasses or something, because I don't see no sausaginess anywhere on those hands. So glad you like your ring :)

Stephanie Constantin said...

according to my little miss sassy pants the hands-on-hips move was recently taught to them at school by Reese and Kaelin....she chucked them under the bus pretty quickly when I threatened time out!

kitrona said...


Also, I love your bracelet in the last pic. :)