Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm in a creative period, and I have more ideas than I can conquer. A sequel to the book I'm trying to publish, a completely new third book, oodles of paintings, and a cake that is also a working windmill.

Some of my ideas are better than others.

But I thought today I would share with you a painting that I'm working on for t.rex's room. If you remember from this post, his room is light blue with hints of orange, navy, and tan. The theme is "hungry mutant reptile eats things". So this painting features a happy ol' T.Rex in his convertible, going out for a Stegoburger.

Here's the beginning-- a pencil drawing with artist's tape on the back of an old piece of mat board.

Now the details start coming out as I use watered down acrylic to play with the surface.

Or maybe it's the same stage from a different angle.

Shut up.

Now the navy comes in with a lovely, textured wash.

The dino's skin has speckly bits executed by lifting out paint with a paper towel. The car is bits of an old television schedule. The hat is just paint. Jaunty, jaunty paint.

And here's the end result, although I'll probably add a few more dashes before framing it tomorrow and slapping it up on the wall.

Etsy, eat yo heart out!

And thanks to folks who followed the link to my Etsy shop and made purchases. You guys rock!


leigh said...

I just visited your ETSY shop. You've got some talent mama!


Alissa said...

Love the painting. You are definitely multi-talented!

Super Intelligent Ant said...

Found your blog and thought I could offer the perspective of one who has failed many a time, but (maybe) has learned from that failure.

"more ideas than you can conquer" won't get you want you want (which is, apparently, to be a published author, and major kudos for that in a world that doesn't put much stock in the printed word).

Sad fact is that ideas themselves aren't worth much. Sorry, but that's the truth. Ideas are cheap because everyone has them.
Every person like us who ever paid any attention has more ideas than they know what to do with.

The key is execution, but there's 10,000 other Moms out there who are working on a novel and executing their plan to being a published author, and being high school valedictorian somewhere in the south won't help you reach your goal.

If getting published is your goal, you're going to have to ask yourself some tough questions.

Are you prepared to have your Mom watch your kids for 3 months while you sleep on a friends' couch in NY while trying to make face time with every agent that matters?

Do you want to sacrifice time with your kids so you can attend a masters or Ph.D. program in writing that can (maybe) get you further along to having your foot in the door?

Are you willing to get a loan from friends and family to support the above activities?

Are you willing to take your current idea and put it out for free in order to gain readership that can propel you to being a published author for your next idea?

Just thoughts to throw out. In the end, remember that you've already found the most important thing, which is making meaning in the lives of those that matter most to you. In that you've done more than most, and should be satisfied.

Just thoughts, from a friend.

Leslie said...

So insouciant he is...

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That's one way cool dino.

It's interesting that you mention being in a creative period. I definitely find it ebbs and flows.

Let us know how that windmill cake comes out. Sounds very "Ace of Cakes".

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

SIA, your advice reminds me of Maureen's "Let's be realistic" speech from Centerstage, and I expect to put on my red tutu and keep dancing until I'm the newest principal in Cooper Nielson's new company.

Jennifer said...

That is awesome. I would love to be able to paint. I can do crafty stuff, but not really anything that requires a real artistic ability. I'm jealous.

Tater Tot Mom said...

Cute! Love this!

Virginia Valerie said...

I completely <3 this painting! OMG Love!

Virginia Valerie said...

PS I always like a good Phil Collins reference. :-)

Alicia Istanbul said...

I loved this! You need to do more w-i-p posts. Yours are so much funnier than mine.

Chantile said...

So cute! :) Makes me want to paint again :)