Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dr. Krog guest post: Help a Krog out, yo!

I live with a muse. An amusing muse. If you're an unruly follower then you recognize how inspiring my soulmate can be. It's annoying as crap sometimes. See, she's good at most everything she tries. Me, well, I practice more. Unruly is a natural, first try awesome good to go....Krog is a brooder. I get better in the dark while everyone is sleeping (and also mix 1st and 3rd person to describe myself?)...

Case in point. The "Dr. Krog novel." It's this big, monster, epic fantasy, a post-apocalyptic, Japanese culture/world legend hybrid. I've been slowly working on it for almost a year. I was 90% finished with it, when Unruly announced that she had an idea, cranked it out, and proceeded to get mad busy with queries. Don't get me wrong, I've been wanting, hoping, and scheming to get her to write a book for years now, but man, this came on strong! Anyway, she's kicking ass with it...

Which leads us back to my book. It has sort of taken the back burner and needs a little love to get it cooking again.

So, we're looking for two test readers*** for "Seasons of Darkness" a 125,000 word adventure fantasy. Think Shogun meets I am Legend. I need genre aficianados, who aren't afraid to provide brutally honest feedback. Honestly, I know it needs some help. I have a whole heck of a lot of plot crammed into those 125k, with timing issues, character development, tricky story arcs, etc. etc., and I'm too close to it at this point to see what the deal is. 125k is also a little too fat for a first time author. Makes it hard to get an agent, and hard to sell, even for an epic series.

Anyway, for all the quirky momness on this blog, I know full well there are some sci-fi/fantasy nerds, and this is right up your alley. So help a Krog out!

Here's some background from the query.

Three hundred years after the fall of humanity, a troubled warrior named Acheron must defend his master's temple and their island's mythic, feudal culture from a deadly, unknown pathogen born of the ruinous plots of rival warlords, secretive magi, and a mysterious cult bent on destroying mankind permanently.

After a great cataclysmic event shrouded in mystery, the inhabitants of a large Mediterranean island have carved out their survival with a feudal culture based on martial prowess and the legends of the ages. My story follows the pursuits and relationships of Acheron, a slight and unassuming warrior known only for teaching children within the walls of his master's academy. No one suspects that he has a chilling, secretive plan to maintain peace and order across the island, no matter the costs. Along with his best friend, Hiro, and his apprentice, Loki, he is ordered to investigate strange disappearances in a local village. Traveling an eerie landscape marked with artifacts of times long past, they encounter a demonic plague that harkens to the ancient technologies believed to have caused the global holocaust. But more is at stake than their master's temple. Whoever controls the infection has untold power and arcane knowledge beyond simple politics. As Acheron's quest develops and his calculations unfold, those closest to him begin to suspect that he is not who he seems. In fact, he may be the sinister figure behind it all. Friendships are tested, loyalty and faith frayed, and lives lost as the legacy of the past echoes across a chilling, fantastic dreamscape.


If you're willing to read a totally awesome book, email me at

Eh?!!! Eh?! Ok, thanks. Krog out!

*** No MONEY! I don't have extra dough. But hey, I will send you good karma and you'll get to read an epic fantasy for free and when it's on the bookshelf you'll have a sense of pride. Cause you rule!


miss. chief said...

Ah! How exciting! Books and queries everywhere! What a productive couple of writers you are. Here I am with some random ideas saved in various folders in both of my computers and nothing else.

Seriously, good for you guys. I wish I was into that genre of book, because I looove having a sense of pride about things I did for free.

I'd be happy to give it a once over anyway, if you want...just for fun.


Crystal Thomas said...

It sounds like a good read and I am intrigued. My hubby and I are both fans of sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural genres. I would love to help you out as a test reader - cmt (at)

Anonymous said...

Send me a copy. It's not my sort of thing, but my buddy John (who is an English teacher as well) is a big sci-fi nerd and would love to read it. Plus, since he doesn't know you from Adam and because he's a jerk, he'll give you brutally honest feedback.

Also, he just moved to town and he only knows me and his wife, so he has lots of time on his hands.

Jimmy Franconi

Caroline D. said...

I'd like to halp a Krog out, but the unruly mistress has a prior claim on me. I'll keep feelers out for potential readers, though!

Stephanie Constantin said...

My brother (25 years old if that matters) reads that genre...he is a huge fan of Raymond E. Feist and Robin Hobb. He's also pretty blunt so he definitely would give you his honest opinion!

M family said...

This might be a long shot, but here it goes. My english professor from GA Perimeter College writes for Yahoo Sports and some other stuff. ON top of that he also writes novels once in a while. I rememmber him being very cool and with a little twisted mind, like you, I assume - here is his blog that I try to keep up:
Soo, I am thinking that if you appeal to his better side, he might get you places.
Don't bother mentioning my name, since i was his student about 8 years ago and have not really kept contact.
Hope that helps!

Lisa in Oz said...

I just sent you an email! I'm a librarian-in-training who reads pretty much everything under the sun and my husband is a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan - I'd love to read it and I know he would too!

Beyond All Measure said...

My husband is a HUGE sci fi fan. He reads just ab;out anything he can get his hands on! I am sure he would love to read this.