Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 thankfulnesses

Here are 10 things for which I am thankful:

1. That I was able to successfully roast my first turkey, and that everyone found it delicious, and no one tried to give it to the imaginary dog, and no one got food poisoning. And we ate at 1, so you'd know by now. I'm also thankful I remembered to remove the giblet bag 2 hours into roasting, and that no one noticed the nasty neck crammed in its ass. Oops.

2. That I got to host my first Thanksgiving in my own dining room with my family, which was wonderful. I used to think I'd be an adult when I bought my first couch. I've still never paid for a couch, so I'm still a kid. But maybe hosting one's own Thanksgiving makes one a sort-of adult. I don't know. I feel very... mature. Like, I guess. Whatever.

3. That my parents watched the kids so that Dr. Krog and I could go see a very serious and masculine movie about deeply moving subjects that plumb the depth of human feeling. P.S. Team Jasper and the Sparklepires 4eva!

4. That Omelet is still alive. RIP, Dr. Beardface. I'll dig you out of the gravel tomorrow.

5. That my son waited until he was under my mother's care to take his 12-pound dump.

6. That Dr. Krog bought Rock Band 2, and we're having a great time playing together after the kids go to sleep, and it has several of my favorite songs from my youth, such as Drain You and Where Did You Go? Oh, mid-1990's. How me and my flannel shirts miss you.

7. My awesome kids. As I put t.rex to sleep for his nap, I was transfixed by a soulful duet as Dr. Krog and the Biscuit performed "Eye of the Tiger" together on Rock Band. Dr. Krog does guitar, while the Biscuit got 57% accuracy atonally crooning "Eye in the Tiiiiiiiiiiiger" repeatedly into the microphone. It brought tears to my eyes.

8. That I have exactly the life I want. Married to my best friend, mother to my favorite monsters, loving family nearby, comfortable house, passions to pursue, dreams to follow.

9. That I chose the correct side of the wishbone and now get a wish. SUCK IT, BISCUIT! MAMA NEEDS TO GET PUBLISHED!

10. That I get to wear argyle knee socks and cowboy boots. And that I get to eat the black bean brownies I made today, even though my entire family thought they tasted, and I quote, "wrong somehow". That I'm going to go learn how to play Rock Band drums tonight. That coffee tastes so good in the morning. That I get to go to Black Friday tomorrow and watch the festivities and score major fruuuuugal points. That Avatar is going to be an awesome movie. That I get to drone on and on and on, because it's my blog, and I can do whatever I want, even if it involves going past 10 things and just naming all the tiny minutiae that make me happy all the time. You can't stop me! No one can stop me! I'm a wild stallion! I'M QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


urfaqhesse said...

I'm thankful I know y'all.

Katiri said...

Love love love you, dear D! Thanks for sharing yer gifts.

Virginia Valerie said...

Congrats on your turkey! That totally makes you an adult. Cooking your first Thanksgiving turkey is, in fact, also the way I measure entrance into adulthood. You are now a kitchen overlord and you can command and demand the respect from all around you!

jarvenpa said...

Black bean brownies?????

Nice thanksgiving list.

Caroline D. said...

So awesome! I've never even considered making my own turkey, how's that for adult avoidance?

I love your list...