Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 to 10

As in ratings.

Weezer's Raditude album: 9.25

Pearl Jam's Backspacer album: 6

that one song on Backspacer that I've listened to 1000 times: 10

the roast beef sandwiches at the baby shower tonight: 10

the mashed potatoes, eaten with the sandwiches: 10

the fact that I got dill stuck between my teeth and had to use
my earring to get it out, even though that's pretty gross: 2

the awesome new shoes I bought to wear to the shower: 10

the other awesome new shoes I bought thanks to the Rack Room BOGO sale: 8

the fact that I went shoe shopping and my toddler didn't have a tantrum: 10

the fact that Dr. Krog approves of shoe shopping: 100

the broth I made from last week's turkey ta-ta carcass: 10

the fact that I have no idea what to do with all this awesome broth: 3

the fact that I did the entire family's laundry today: 9

the fact that I now have to put up 60 pounds of laundry tomorrow: -8

playing with my kids as I took down Halloween decorations today: 10

using a shovel to scrape up the moldy, sluggy remains of the pumpkin: -2.37

how cute Dr. Krog looked all dressed up tonight: 10

how pregnant the poor mom of twins looked at 24 weeks: 10

how cute I felt in a dress and new shoes and wearing my new ring: 9

how cute I feel any time I leave my kids with my mom: 10

how awesome my mom is for watching my kids: 1089274646372904.4

how much I love sleeping: 10

how much I like waking up: 1

how much I like breakfast: 10

how much I need to quit thinking of things I like and go to sleep: 10

G'night, dear friends. Tomorrow I'll show you my cute new shoes.


Spotted Sparrow said...

Freeze the broth if you've got room to store it. You can use it for soups and other nom-able things later in the year.

charissimo said...

You can make very tasty rice by using the broth in place of water. That's one way you might use it...

Alicia Istanbul said...

Mmmm, homemade turkey broth, no laundry, and shoe shopping. Heaven.

Katiri said...

Fact that you shower someplace where you need shoes: -3

Fact that you shower: 6

The ways in which I love thee: >10

Katiri said...

Oh, NO! Wear to the *baby* shower! so, so so so so s ssssooo ashamed! lemme have it, D.

Miss Dot said...

HAHAHAHAHA I totally use my earrings as impromptu toothpicks, too! Tch, we're such ingenious ladies... Like MacGyver just with boobs.

grizaham said...

But i give PJ's backspacer a 11 out 10!