Friday, October 23, 2009

unruly lunchtime poll

See that little poll over to the right? If you have a moment, would you mind sharing your habits?

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway, maybe partnering with some of the artisans that I love and love to link. But I don't want to waste anyone's time or my money.

And if you'd like to say more about it, please feel free to comment.

Have you ever gone to any of the shops or artisans to which I link?
Did you like what you saw? Or was it meh?
Did you buy, save, bookmark, or "favorite" an Etsy shop?
Do I have horrid taste, and you're disgusted with the things I link?
Would you enjoy seeing more links, Etsy treasuries, that sort of thing?

I don't want to start a review blog or a giveaway blog, but I'm not sure what folks like to see best on the ol' blog. But I love supporting unique artisans.

Back to your regularly scheduled munching. Shoo!

1 comment:

jarvenpa said...

Sure, I sometimes wander to the blogs on your bloglist.

And I live at BlackPhoenix. Well, on the astral. But I was there before I found your blog here--so it was a reverse link.