Friday, October 9, 2009

a quick defenestration

As the Edit Police breathe down my neck and a literary agent anxiously awaits the first three chapters of Dr. Krog's masterpiece, I just had to share a painting with you guys.

Because, yes, I occasionally paint every now and then.

It's a commission on Etsy-- a custom Defenestrated Duchess.

Her name is Eliza Jane.

You can click on her for more details.

"And then Lord Darby tenderly swept Prudence into his manly arms, saying, 'Reginald canne go get buggered, my darling, for surely you will be mine'." Hmm... I'm just not sure how to end this chapter, but I've got to hurry before Mr. Bentley finds me scribbling again. He was so funny last time, his mustaches quivering so as he threatened to throw me and my ink bottle out the window if he caught me writing again. Won't he be just terribly stunned when I publish "Prudence and Prejudice" under my clever nom-de-plume? He'll never guess that his dear little Eliza Jane is actually Sir Nigel Weatherby, Esquire, author! Oh, Mr. Bentley. I was just writing a letter to my sister in Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath. (thump)

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Virginia Valerie said...

He he! I love this new one, complete with colors, the story, and the fact that she's a lefty!