Thursday, October 15, 2009

nobody puts baby's pumpkin in the corner

I'm probably going to hell for that.

Sorry. I'm feeling perverse today. And not "the code word is foliage" perverse.

The kind of perverse you feel when you suffer through an hour of the following:

a) infant decides to nap at 6:20 when bedtime is at 7:30
b) toddler cries 5 times over things as ridiculous as Play-Doh color and difficulty of sitting in a chair
c) chicken gets burned
d) fire alarm goes off
e) potatoes taste funny
f) you discover 10000 maggots having a maggot party in the driveway
g) you discover fruit fly Xanadu in your Diaper Dekor
h) you decide you must be some sort of secret Nasty Insect Princess

In fact, you guys are lucky I didn't make a hat out of toilet paper and run down the street in my wedding dress screaming "The British are coming!"

It was that kind of afternoon.


Stephanie Constantin said...

at least the maggots weren't having their party in your potatoes ;)

Virginia Valerie said...

i think you look for any excuse to put your wedding dress back on.

merlu said...

scariest. photoshoppin'. ever.