Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new boot goofin'

Did you know it's almost my birthday?

Seriously, though.

It's a game that Dr. Krog and I play. It's "almost my birthday" starting on May 6, and it's "almost Dr. Krog's birthday" staring on October 22. Our kids aren't old enough to, like, matter yet, as far as this game is concerned. We're still really big into our own special days.

Which is why I have these:

And why I'm new boot goofin'.

If you like Reno 911, you're probably familiar with those 14 seconds of hilarity, but it cracks me up every time. New boots make me goofy, too.


I told Dr. Krog I wanted some nice new boots, and he told me to have fun with the selection process. He hoped that I would spend a week delectably choosing the perfect boots online, then order them in time for my birthday. Which it is almost. So I started a bookmark club of awesome boots. And then, in typical unruly-helpmeet-is-so-freakin'-impatient fashion, I went to Horsetown today and tried on the top three contenders, and I decided on the Ariat Daisy, which was $40 less at Horsetown. So it's both awesome *and* frugal!

And now I got some hott new sh*tkickers. And the Biscuit got to enjoy some down home country fun, from learning about "a nelk" on the wall to trying on some tiny pink cowgirl boots.

Thanks, Dr. Krog. I love those boots so much I'm almost afraid to wear them.



p.s. Thanks for the help with the unChloe. I think we're all sorted out. =)


p.p.s. I have two copies of my book out to unruly readers. I haven't heard anything back yet, so I'm a little terrified. If major rewrites are required, I may need some new readers, but we'll cross that insecure boat when we come to it, eh? Thanks so much for the enthusiasm! You guys make my day, like, all the time.


p.p.s. Still new boot goofin'!


Virginia Valerie said...

woooweee! Love those boots! I almost got me some from that brand awhile back, but then decided to be frugal. But I love how they look! Fantastico!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Those are crazy-cool boots. I'd be kicking my heels together in the air too, if I had me a pair of those.

RosyRevolver said...

Love the boots, lady!!! I kinda wanna go get my own yippykaiyay going on. : )

{PS- No flippin' clue as to how one properly spells yippykaiyay.}

Leslie said...

Great Post and love the boots! Kewlio!

charissimo said...

Major rewrites will not be required, sister. I can tell you that much.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

...aaaand that's why I love Charis.

Anonymous said...

Awww...loved the last pic w/ you and your little one...too sweet! And yes! You've got some kick-ass boots:)
Happy Almost Birthday to you!