Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween from the weirdos

Happy Halloween!

from Dr. Krog

(a scary skeleton-ghoul-witch king with a Freddy Krueger glove and a jiujitsu gi)

and the Biscuit

(a pinky punky witch who spent all day begging to be a ballerina instead)

Oh, yeah. And also from
(a very goofy witch)
(a boy whose nap almost made the entire family late for Halloween, so instead of wearing his ninja suit, he just wore his normal outfit, because he looks RAD in orange)

And, lastly, from this guy.

Mmm. Moldy blemishes.
You don't want to see the other side. I tried to carve a skull.
Even had a guide, and a marker, and a special knife.
It looks like the Punisher threw up.
But the Biscuit planned this side.
She insisted on the rectangle mouth.

"Mommy, a rectangle has two short sides and two long sides,
and it is his mouth. Isn't that so, so funny?"

More Halloween tales tomorrow.
Now I've got to go scrub off all of this sparkly black eyeshadow
and drink some pumpkin spice Silk.


artbysarada said...

Happy Halloween! I can't carve a pumpkin to save my life, for all that I paint them on tiny canvases all the time. I can do triangles, sort of, and that's it!

Just Jennifer said...

LOL cute photos. Hope you had a great halloween.

Meg said...

Popping in from SITS!

I love your pumpkin picture! That is so hilarious!

Alicia Istanbul said...

lol'ing, after reading your post,as always. Love the Biscuit's costume and fresh pose.

Joy said...

That poor pumpkin...put it out of its misery! LOL

Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade :o)

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

I can't carve pumpkins either. It was a good effort though! Hope you had a great Halloween! I had a little pink fairy floating around my house.