Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dookyday haikus - join me!

today sucked. it rained.
things went wrong, kids annoy, but
chunky legs soothe me.


Anybody else want to share a haiku about your day?


Virginia Valerie said...

look at those walking legs!!!!

It started raining.
Right after I watered plant.
Oh, the irony.

M family said...

My kid has the same socks!
The end!

Anonymous said...

Rain, rain, clouds, wind, rain
Welcome to fall in the great
Pacific Northwest

Stephanie Constantin said...

motrin, tylenol,
little helpers to ease pain
didn't work today

Anonymous said...

Slept for ten straight hours
It is cold and drizzling
I'm going to bed.

charissimo said...

Glassy-eyed staring
Gray, zombie day: monocloud
I need a chai high

veganf said...

The chubby legs are starting to get less chubby. Gonna have to find something else to sooth you soon!