Sunday, October 18, 2009

bean and biscuit's excellent journey

We had another awesome day.

It doesn't seem fair, does it? To have both days of the weekend be 100% awesome?

But they were.

Today was the birthday of one of the Biscuit's very best friends. Oddly, the Biscuit's two favorite buddies also have food nicknames, and she calls them "MY Bean" and "MY Peanut-y". And today was Bean's birthday, and we were swept away on a magic carpet ride to Phillips Arena for Disney on Ice, aka The Ice Capades, aka MOMMY, IT'S SNOW WHITE! AND TINKERBELL!

Seriously, Snow White is like some sort of freaky pagan god to these kids. They don't care about Ariel, Beauty, Jasmine, Mulan, or New Princess That I Don't Know About Yet Because I Don't Pay Attention To Toys, But She Has Something To Do With New Orleans And Frogs.

I don't think that's her real name, but girlfriend can SKATE.

Anyway, we had the most wonderful time. The children were absolutely dreamy. Not a single tear. Bean's mom packed fabulous favor bags with complete meals, treats, and games, and she even drove us, which meant I didn't even have to have a panic attack. And they LOVED the show. Check out this rapt expression:

Oh, wait. Check it out with the flash:

Birthday girl's other nickname is Seconda. Just like the Biscuit's other nicknames are Buddy, Monkey, Monkeydoodleface, Goose, Goofy Goose, and Snooky Penguin. We occasionally call her by her real name, too, but I assure you that we never call her Chloe.

I brought $20 and had a serious discussion with the Biscuit about Dollarz and How To Maximize Happiness with a Paltry $20 Bill. Spinny-electric-whirligig for $20? Bad choice. $12 Official Cinderella High Heeled Slippers, plus popcorn and a water? An excellent choice. I don't like 'em, but at least my little shoe hog is consistent, and she'll get a lot of use out of the hideous things.

And after THAT, we still had the party to enjoy. Amazing cake, fun times with good friends, and a baby VERY thankful to see his portable milking machine.

Many thanks to Dr. Krog for watching t.rex for nearly 5 hours. And many, many thanks to the Bean and her family for making us such a special part of the Bean's special day.

Yes, I used "special" twice, because it was really, really special.

And I'll say it as many times as I want to, because it's my blog. Special, special, SPECIAL.

What can I say? It was a special day.

Happy Birthday, Bean!


Hysterical cuteness courtesy of the parents of the Bean, our wonderful friends.

You guys will not be surprised to learn that shortly after this picture, Biscuit drove Bean into the ground with her love, and they got all tangled up, and then Bean cried while Biscuit ran upstairs and actually did pee herself, because she'd had an entire juice box and then got all excited and forgot to potty. And then Bean lent her some undies, and every time she's used the potty today, she's said, "My Bean-a is nice to let me borrow her big girl panties, isn't she?"

TMI? Probably. But think of how much her prom date will squirm when we tell him about it one day.


Jimmy Franconi said...

Hell Yeah. Good article.

Caroline D. said...

sounds like so much fun. god i really need to step up my planning of isabel's party...

Becca said...

Delilah, I need to come clean. I'm addicted to your charming, heartfelt, brilliant blog and love your family like they are my own! And I've never even met you! My sister, Charis, and I frequently pow-wow about the latest Biscuit-ism or how you can say what we all want to say but not nearly as funny.

Maybe someday we'll all gather and our crazy children can have a rompfest while we mamas clutch our cocktails to our chests and laugh ourselves silly.

Anyway, thanks. :D
Becca @ Lostview Farm