Sunday, October 25, 2009

are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

I've got witches on the brain, and not just because of the Biscuit's interest in being a witch-fairy-Stormtrooper-ballerina for Halloween.

See, today I sent out the first two query letters for my book. I researched, reresearched, wrote, rewrote, polished, repolished, agonized, and reagonized, and then I hit SEND.

And now I wait. And bite my lip.

The process reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, because it's a whole new world, and I have no way of telling the difference between good witches and bad witches. Not to say that literary agents rejecting my book are bad witches, or even bad. But it's going to hurt when the form letter rejections start rolling in. Harry Potter was reportedly rejected by 37 agents, and Twilight was rejected by 14 publishers. When I send a query letter, it's definitely a shot in the dark, and there's no way of knowing what will float the boat of the agent in question.

Scary, huh?

Publishing is a very cruel world. Of the queries agents accept, less than 5% are from unpublished authors like me. Because this blog, at nearly 600 posts, doesn't count as "publishing", sadly. And even if my query gets a positive response, I still have to send my manuscript, and if *that* gets accepted, that means more work and worry before the agent submits it to publishers, and then more waiting for possible rejection. And more lip biting.

So agents, I challenge you: Be my good witch.

I won't make you wear a giant, poofy pink ball gown, I promise. I'm a hard worker with a quick turn-around time, and I am not scared of flying monkeys.


Stephanie said...

I personally know an author (want me to get some info?), so it's definitely possible!! I hope it goes well and you don't have to melt anyone with water or anything... Good luck!

Caroline D. said...

I'll do some chanting and fake goat sacrificing for you to find the perfect agent!