Wednesday, September 23, 2009

welcome, fellow bossyites!

I'm so excited to be featured on Bossy is my hero. I love Bossy's stories, photography, Great Dane, and clogs, amongst other things. What I do here is slightly different, because I am not at all Bossy or bossy.

There are movie reviews.

And strategic battles between holiday candies.

And conversations with my imaginary boyfriends.

Sometimes I talk about my children, who are:

The Biscuit, a.k.a. The Stealer of Cupcakes

and t.rex, who is very pudgy.

There is also my beloved Dr. Krog, on whom I enjoy playing pranks.

And then there's me. I'm an artist, mom of two, goof. I like cupcakes, swishy skirts, Fall, The Venture Bros., chai lattes, cold sheets, books about vampires or time traveling in Scotland, and the word "perambulator".

Each of those photos links to a blog entry that still cracks me up. Except the picture of me, which leads to a virtual tour of my last art exhibition, because I'm very serious and important.*

If you're bored, you can also type a search word into the little box on the right and find all sorts of silly posts from the last 3 years. And there are some pretty strange words, too. You could search for "gnu" or "wet beaver" or "cupcake" or "dr. krog likes jar jar binks", and you would always find something that's not at all what you're expecting, especially for the beaver one.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment if you're so inclined, and I'd love to invite you back for more gnome prankings and cupcake disappearances. Have a Bossy day!

*Not at all either of those, actually. Silly and irreverent, maybe. I used to think I wanted to be a serious artist, and then I realized I didn't want to be a serious anything.


non-regular said...

You're a perambulator!

Virginia Valerie said...

Oooh! Oooh! Please type in perambulator! That's one of my all time favorite posts!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Oh that was great :) (Today's post and the one about the perambulator). You are so funny.

AZ Mommy said...


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...


Yes, Val, I forgot how much I loved that post. I just saw that guy again today, the PANTERA guy, and I totally avoided eye contact and built a little wall of stuff around me at my table. No moar!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you Bossy. I will now lurk in this new place.


EttyOop said...

You do know that the newest book in the Outlander series came out on Tuesday, right? :-D I'm expecting it in my mailbox todaaaaaaaaaay lalalalala!!


Also, new people who are not regulars, you should know that Delilah is often good for causing smiles on grumpy days :-D

meganmeow said...

delilah, I always thought you were cool when we were in high school but now I know it's true.

Caroline D. said...

i'm trying to find where you are on bossy's blog... halp!

(ps. I love your blog more)

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Carrie, it's on the left, her little "bloggers are just like us" spot.

The giant, gaping, albino maw.

Yup. That's me.